'Throat Chakra' Chapter

Throat Chakra

The fifth center or chakra is the neck. It’s the translator of everything internal or external. Being the keeper of the Book of Life, it serves as the bridge between the heart and mind. You feel empathy at the heart level. You achieve comprehension at the head level, but understanding is at the throat.

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Translator Of Everything

Today we are talking about the fifth chakra in the series on Spiritual and Psychic Health. The throat which includes the neck as well, and is all about communication. It’s a more pervasive center than it might seem, because much… Seek More

Reality Models

For most purposes there is no such thing as reality, not as far as anyone can effectively define it. But there is the virtual reality and the value of reality models is based on functionality. How well does your model… Seek More

Open Throat

The throat chakra, or communication center, serves as the bridge and control switch between the heart and the head. Think of it as the telephone operator between your thinking and feeling consciousness. For some people, the control of this call… Seek More

Say What You Say

If you are having a problem with the throat chakra, you often won’t notice it. This chakra, and those above it, tend to be projected out onto our experience. But the health impact is greater because of that. The communication… Seek More

Blend of Heart And Head

Song lyrics and poems are often a good blend of heart and head. Yes, and we perceive this person to sing well even when their voice is somewhat strange and even mildly irritating. What about singing without words? That is… Seek More

Stop Censoring

The term stupid originally meant to be mute or incapable of speech. Deaf, dumb, and blind. Dumb = mute. Yes. So the dumb thing to say is the thing you censored. You won’t run off at the mouth if you… Seek More