You can’t convince yourself your dreams are meaningless and have meaning in your waking experience.

Translator Of Everything in Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

Today we are talking about the fifth chakra in the series on Spiritual and Psychic Health. The throat which includes the neck as well, and is all about communication.

It’s a more pervasive center than it might seem, because much of our thought and even our action is structured at this level. It is sort of like a binary switching mechanism and influences more than what we normally consider communication. Much of our potential comprehension is handled by this center as well as our expression. Have you noticed how much of an impact self talk can have on everything in your life?

I try not to do it out loud. Oh well, out loud or not doesn’t really modify its impact. But yes, talking to yourself gets you marked as a bit odd. For myself, talking to myself is a bit involuntary. The inhibition mechanism in my brain tends to get jammed. So as soon as an idea hits my awareness it can very often come out my mouth just as quickly. This is why I seem to talk well. I just let my stream of consciousness flow.

I guess comprehension comes in here because how we structure an idea to ourselves forms our comprehension of it? Yes, and in addition, what we talk about is what we pay attention to. I can talk about anything almost at random.

The fifth center or chakra is the neck, and we try to talk everything and everyone into submission. It’s like the tongue is a hammer and every ear a nail. This is not unique to those individuals conventionally considered a bit off. Most people use their words defensively or coercively, even those who don’t talk very much. The problem is you can’t do that and leave your own mind unchanged. The person you always convince is yourself.

A defensive throat would be a tight one? Exactly, where a coercive throat would be sore.

Then we’re strangling ourselves. Like trying to wrestle people with your speech.

The main impact of the throat chakra is lexicon. It’s the translator of everything, internal or external. Being the keeper of the Book of Life, it serves as the bridge between the heart and mind. Nothing really sinks in intellectually until it’s been expressed. But by expression, I don’t necessarily mean speech. When you developed habits of preference, patterns of attention, these are expressions of the state of the heart or the state of the head.

I find I understand things better after I am forced to teach someone else. Yes, exactly. I find I often get additional insights after these events myself. But the thing is, the throat center is also the seat of self hypnosis. Its impact is double edged. It has the obvious manifestation of self expression, but the interplay of the heart and the head in this center can create very realistic illusions.

You can talk yourself into or out of things. Yes. In fact, most of what people consider reality is just a really good sales pitch. Those who master this center master our world.

Someone I know has been rewriting history lately and exonerating herself. I was there for some of the events and she had been quite creative about what happened. This is true of everyone for the most part. Some are just more out there than others. They take more psychological license.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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