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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Self Directed Belief in Chaos

Chaos Magick

So back to chaos magick… Instead of conforming to a traditional set of practices and symbols that are traditionally seen to have meaning, the practitioner of chaos magick experiments with symbols, both traditional ones and ones that their experience or imagination suggest might be especially meaningful. They might create a ritual dedicated to a pretend god.

A pretend god? Yes. They will make up a god that makes sense to some personal intention, like a god of job hunting, and then create a prayer to help them identify with that god. They do this in order to create that lingering state of mind, a template for behaviour in their subconscious mind, and this pretend god could have any traits they associate with job hunting or success in employment. So it might resemble a celebrity and be dressed in ways suggestive of their desired career, like say Keanu Reeves in a chef’s uniform.

They design their practice or ritual around one of the gnostic modes. They may meditate on this pretend god of job hunting, which would be the inhibitory mode, or they may conduct an elaborate emotional ritual of supplication. Get really worked up in pleading with the pretend god to grant their will, their intended outcome. “Please god! I really need this job!” Really make themselves momentarily berserk, but pretend gods are not the only method. They also create any of a variety of focuses; mantras, symbols, sigils, and use these as focuses, like a piece of jewellery whenever they do demanding work, or sigils used almost like decoration so they will see them wherever they turn during sex. Even burning incense they associate with a specific intention and state of mind so they will smell it while they think of other things.

The core mechanic though, what they are really trying to achieve, is freedom from the belief in self in favour of self directed belief. The ability to redefine what anything and everything might mean to you personally, and they use ritual and meditation as well as symbolic stimuli to do this.

Does that have any correlation to when you lose someone really close to you and start seeing their face wherever you go? Yes. They might even make up a person they hope to meet, and then work up feelings about this pretend person in order to create that relationship. It works the same really with any intention.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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