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Not having what you want won’t make you saintly. If you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, you might as well go ahead.

Self vs. Ego in Greed/Generosity


What’s the difference between presence and present? Present is ego. Presence is self.

There are two types of instincts? No, there is one type of instinct. One whole world of instinct.

My definition of ego is an “idea of self”, a self image. To use religious speech, it’s a false idol. Most orthodox believers are the product of societies impact on religion, and the two don’t remain separate. People bring their society into the presence of the divine, and set it up as an idol rather than accepting that the presence of the divine is silence, featureless, transcendent, and encompassing. The world was born in silence. A word so profound that it would deafen us had there been any to hear it, and it was whole. It was good. The inner conflict we set up for ourselves, but we are a whole self. It’s we ourselves who judge higher self and lower self. There is no cosmic head game going on, it’s a very personal head game.  So rather than there being any conflict, maybe the truth is that this idea of separation and conflict is the ego. This fight we think we are fighting … What else is ego really?

Natural self vs. unnatural self? Unnatural self would be made of natural elements. As cities are built of earths found in the land that was there before them.

The fight to survive is not really there? Actually no, it’s not there. The animals of a species don’t form organized agendas to “survive.” They are a presence in the world, but not present. Though counter to the view many still hold, science is now saying that animals are self aware, just to a less pronounced degree than us. To be present there must be an I/though. There must be a me, and a place I am. For the animal, the deer is the forest. They hear it, and see it, and smell it, and live in it, and react to it, and there is no “Well, I’m in Yellowstone now, but I don’t like it. I think I will go to the Redwoods.” A spider never went to school to learn to spin a web, and a bird never went to aviation techniques courses. The web is the spider. Flight is the bird. There is no ego. They are not present, they are a presence. Would a lion kill you, because they want to prove they are better than you?

Could an animals recognition of themselves in a mirror be a small formation of an ego in them? It depends, and it’s been established animals can learn. Dogs do learn their names, and various command words. They estimate up to a 25 word vocabulary.

Could being territorial be ego, or is that merely for protection? It’s for protection and gathering. To be safe, and to get their food.

I think the ego can act more like an animal, but animal can’t have an ego. So transcendence must for some reason be some ethereal beyond? It was something we had to get to?

Yes, back to wholeness. If whatever God you believe in is compassionate, than why would it be withholding? It is ego that makes us believe we are not whole. That judges parts of us that are not “acceptable”, and tries to hide them.

In my own studies and practice, the effort to reconcile with God has been an endless frustration. The idea that there was something wrong with the world that we are born into has caused much bloodshed and outright evil. God said it was good, and you say otherwise? If the garden of Eden ever was real, and the prophecies are true, then it remains in potential on the earth.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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