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Did the hippy revolution change anything? We still hear the same old meaningless rhetoric. There are ‘the power of now’ thumpers. They just switched the book.

What is Natural? in Greed/Generosity


The “natural” to some, that is really unnatural, arises from judgment. It is still a process of thought. When we accidentally brush our stove, do we hesitate and say “Is this a good pain or a bad pain?”. Nope, nor do we need to. Nature has provided us a very accurate, and adequate way for experiencing life and reacting to it, and it isn’t confined to pain. Teenage boy experiences sexual attraction to a teenage girl. Is this wrong? But wrong does creep in. Also natural would be this teenage boy spending a lot of time with his Dad, but our culture doesn’t allow that when the father of this teen should show him the natural way of getting it. Ideally, father should say I understand you are attracted to them, but that is best when you form a relationship. Show the young person that they feel a biological drive and that’s ok, but that there is more to it. The sex obsessed teen is not obsessed naturally, he’s attracted naturally, and the warping comes in with judgment.

The ego weighs the pleasure, than calculates unnatural ways of getting it? True, and even in that case it’s the same.

The ego is all about getting pleasure? I would differ. The ego is about getting attention, and it doesn’t care if it’s pleasure or pain.

Natural should be an individual thing as well as a collective thing? It should be an individual thing, and a collective recognition. You don’t try to tell a snake it should walk on legs.

Love is a collective natural, loving boys or girls, or loving both, is an individual one.  Yes, biology just is what it is, and natural psychology just is what it is. But we have the gift/curse of human thinking, so we take what we were given, take it apart, and then judge the resulting scrap as worthless. It‘s sort of strange, no?

I was taught the ego strives to get maximum amount of pleasure with the least amount of effort, and what is doing the judging inside the human? Their arbitrary “analytical/reasoning” mind. We are praised when we can have ideas, and be ideas.

Isn’t judgement just the ego calculating what it feels as valuable? Yes, and it’s calculations are off, because for the ego to exist it must divorce itself from instinct.  As I said before, you can’t fix stuff. There isn’t anything to fix. When you embrace instinct, you don’t have “I am a cab driver”, or “I am a doctor”. You have “I am me, and I want this.“, or “I am me, and I am avoiding this.”  I don’t want to be a cab driver. A cab driver wants cab driver things, and lives in a cab driver world. Something in him says there should be more, and his spirit feels lessened.

My mother told me I was being above myself when I said I didn’t want menial jobs for menial pay. No, you aren’t being above yourself. Her statement would be well meaning ego.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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