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Spirituality is life. Any part of life you are in.

Ye Are Gods in Greed/Generosity


The indomitable human spirit is true of us. Even Jesus says at one point in the Bible “Have I not said, Ye are Gods?”, but people weren’t listening. People were too busy making themselves into devils, too busy feeling guilt, and punishing the guilty. Guilt is not virtuous, and never can be. Guilt is not justice. Justice is in the witnessing mind, not in the judging mind. Guilt is the result of a judgement.  How many times did Jesus say “behold”, and God before him? How often did the Buddha say ‘Hey, listen to what I’m saying‘? I don’t recall him actually ever saying that. He said “consider this” and “look here”, and he often directed people to consider and observe things they considered “bad”, “evil”, and “unclean.”

You are your own guide, and you are whole. The Buddha directed his students to consider their own mortality, but not to morbidly dwell on it, because the next step was to then look at life in that light. He was merely illustrating the meaning of life. That the duality thinking that you are alive until you are dead is mistaken thinking. For most they aren’t really alive. They aren’t really living, but are busy thinking about it. They don’t give/do, because they are too worried it’s unworthy.

I have thanked people for insulting me as they did give me something, and I wasn’t being sarcastic. They gave me a look at how they were seeing things, what I was saying, or how they were judging me, and this insight was valuable. It allowed me to see my place with them clearly, and gave me the choice to respond. Where as if they kept it back and “were good”, would they have done any good? Are good little boys and girls good, or easy? Are bad little boys and girls bad, or maybe unfocused? Children do have limited ability to choose wisely, but do we do them any good by judging them bad? Why do we do this to ourselves?

How do we better ourselves by saying “I’m greedy, and I should not be greedy”? Maybe if we look deeper, we can see a way. If we look deeper, we may see surprising truths, but what “I should” or “should not” has ever enlightened anyone? Both can be burdens, and we don’t have to carry them. With insight into ourselves (which can only be gained by allowing ourselves to be how we are), we can perhaps say “I would” or “I would not”, and actually be right about it.  Those two phrases are often criticised as escapism, and I suggest this is mistaken. They are us intuiting a deeper truth, but we loose it because we are busy with shoulds. What would you do? In what way will you be generous with yourself? Even that phrase, “be generous with yourself“, and be generous with your self, what evil greed is actually there? What is this strange judgement if you are generous with yourself? If you are generous with yourself, you can be generous with your self.

It’s wonderful to be able to let yourself be like that. If you let yourself be, you will very naturally give of yourself, because you aren’t busy saying you don’t have it. Greed is basically a meaningless word, and in a sense so is generosity. Reduced to there root truth, it’s life. You breath, you see, you hear, or maybe just one, even possibly none, but if you still live then you still live, and in living you give. You are you, and you is what the world needs. Your view, your part of the story, your help, and your reaction to problems. The world needs it all, so how can you reject any part of you?

So be generous, and do something for yourself won’t you friends? When you do that, you give others permission to do things for themselves. Then they might actually discover that it’s sometimes more fun to do things with others. Pleasure isn’t evil. Your desires aren’t bad. The problem is mistaken identification. Go eat a piece of cake, and remember that you don’t have to eat a piece of cake. Go do something fun, and remember other things can be fun too.

This is fun. I’m glad it is. :smile: Then my mission is accomplished.

Tonight I really needed to hear this, it’s confirmation for me. I’m glad to be here then. Some regulars notice that at times in my classes I get a bit out of sorts. I guess they think it’s my ego, but it’s actually just the feeling that this isn’t happening.

In my culture I help people learn the story of who they really are through story. Simple as that, this is happening. Well then, excellent, and part of why you do is because you want to be part of that, the emergence of their story. If you didn’t feel you were, then you would get uncomfy? Oh my goodness, yes. Same here.

It’s meetings like this that give me more spirit to make the next one. Thank you very much friends, I am grateful.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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