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I talk a lot does it make me a fool? I am saying silence by itself isn’t wisdom. A man of few words can just be dull.

Sexual Union in Intimacy


Meditation is intimacy with self. That is what meditation is in essence. You are stopping and opening your awareness to “death” in the moment. Death, because you aren’t controlling anything. You are becoming aware that you are, even outside of doing and thinking.

Can anyone name the primary cause of divorce? It’s sex. Sexual issues. Lack of intimacy and communication, and the sexual issues arise because of the lack of intimacy and communication, and because of peoples views of sex. If sex isn’t communication, what worth does it really have? Can’t both genders scratch that itch on their own?

Indifference. Exactly, but it’s still the intimacy/sexual dynamic that is the primary cause of divorce.

Now to tie this back in, meditation is death in the now and intimacy with self. People avoid true sex for the same reason. The communication and emotion couples with the primal affirmation of instinct. That deep communication that permits the most primal bond with your mate, and on which children learn how to bond by looking at mommy and daddy’s bond… Well, they fear it. Is that not so? To lose themselves in sexual union, and to fully give themselves to the expression of that sexual union, who really does that? Anyone?

I would if I got the chance. Yes, and that’s actually part of my point. Normal thinking bars us from what we want most which is intimacy with, and expression of, our deepest selves.

But so far everyone’s been too scared to do it in return. Yes, in the afore mentioned situation it takes a partner who can also. So though it can be powerfully transformative, most of us can’t access it as naturally and powerfully driven to it as we are.

Most people don’t want intimacy, or are they afraid? The individual is not likely whole hearted. They have the emotions linked to their thoughts, but then they have the primal emotions.  The ones we all have, because we are alive and connected to nature.

Sad isn’t it? It is very sad, so we have to start away from the root. Perhaps modeling intimacy in the surface things. Trick people into awareness with a front they can accept, until they are ready to accept more intimacy. Is this deceit or a gift?

How do you exactly “trick” someone with a front, and when do you know they are ready for more intimacy? In the practice of magic they call it “glamour“. Truth is, though people don’t like it, they want intimacy. We all have these primal drives.

Seduction? It is in a lose sense a seduction, but not self serving.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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