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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Social Cannibals in Information


Perhaps government should determine changes based on Facebook likes and shares. There is some of that going on. The whole terms of service we are all bound to. It’s even showing up in our younger generations. For those who have grown up with social networking, their brains are literally wired differently than ours were. They are the children of cyber space, and how do they behave?

We would get a government run by porn and lolcats. We already have a government run by porn. Have you watched the news carefully? Why is homosexuality even a government issue?

To be honest, I don’t have much appreciation for the new generation. Well, it’s not their fault. The new generation are feral, running around like starved animals. There is a reason why. We starved them, and our parents starved them, and our parents parents starved them. Their behaviour is just a natural outcome. So what do starving animals do?

Turn on each other? Yes, and they are. Cannibalize; socially, emotionally, and physically.

Victims are violent people.

Yes, the new generation do act like social cannibals. There is a reason why. We have cut ourselves off from our source, cut off the root of human consciousness.

This new growth spurt is a wonderful thing. The potential for adaption is amazing. The world could literally change. It is changing though on a small scale, like how some organs survive better than others in a starving body. The one percent being the brain. The middle class being the kidneys. Blue collar types being the liver. The liver is the first to go. One of the earliest sings of deprivation is jaundice. One of the most common illnesses in the middle class is diabetes, kidney shut down, something now as often suffered by the working class, and the disease of the one percent? Coronary complications, all head no heart. This seem off base?

Those societies that lived closest to nature, and closest to our own nature, had a practice of taking dreaming and imagination very seriously. Something we scoff at and disdain today. We think we can just make things up willy nilly without respect to the realm of the mind. It’s supposedly blank and empty if we do. Is this not the way of it?

Supposedly, the mind doesn’t have to have continuity, integrity even. It’s all supposedly just a big playground. Well, no one was watching the playing field, and now mental injuries are quite common, more common than physical illness.

In Second Life, we instinctively reproduce the realities that guide and shape our organic existence. These realities are not mindless mechanical laws. They too are living things, our “ancestors”, and as much as we try to segregate ourselves from them, we are still their children so we reproduce their traits. Furries? Totem animals. Goreans? Heroic ancestors and demi-gods. Dragons? Ancient animal relationships that predate our current consciousness. Fae? Natural intelligences like artificial intelligences maybe but with a distributed substrate. The product of “cloud” consciousness like cloud computing. This all sound crazy?

We have given the cyber-generation nothing to connect with. The old ideas are largely sterile, offer little or nothing to find a heart or sense of personal significance in, and our educational methods just prepare them to plug into the old ideas. So instead they ignore them, engage in what amounts to mental masturbation and mental poop flinging. Why shouldn’t they? What is there to give them a sense that they shouldn’t? A sense of something sacred, something to value, as well as a sense that they are valued.

People used to believe in their religion, their country, the company they worked for. All these have proven to be false idols.

Mental poop flinging perfectly describes most message boards.

They are just acting like psychic simians behaving according to the nature of the beast. So to my thinking, we need to begin to accept that information is real, as real as flesh and blood, and real in whatever medium it is present in. If we have to exercise any discretion, discernment, and yes, I believe we do, it’s in managing noise, entropy, mental degradation, not in convincing ourselves we are enlightened because we can master materials, because we can make a machine of everything including ourselves. That’s just my personal point of view.

Machines really are just ideas put into action.┬áIdeas are the bones of consciousness and out of context without the intuitive framework they emerged from. Fossils, if held out too long, made into a fetish. They are noticing that newer generations have smaller brains. Why wouldn’t we have shrunken heads if the brain is believed to be a material fetish?

…Oh, the brain. I hold it to the sky, and to the four directions. I will now smack my brain and clear it of the evil spirits of imagination and feeling. The smoke is potent, the sacred pill is potent. Let me not be lead astray by the behaviour of intuition or pattern recognition, but lead me along the brick walls of coincidence. For neither mine nor thine is the power, or the glory, or the meaning, never ever…


I’m not saying amen. Excellent.

Apeople? Yes, have to be politically correct. Apeople, not amen. But yes, lol is the new amen. Ever notice long rants are very often ended in lol? Praying to lord insanity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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