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Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

Powers That Be in Inspiration


Everyone familiar with the phrase, “The powers that be”? Where are these powers referred to? Where are they found?

At a higher level? In the self? No.

In plush corporate offices. Political as well.

What about the forces of nature? Would they number among those powers?

Yes, they’re also referenced in terms of cosmic forces.

Do the forces of nature have an agenda? Yes, unrepentant existence.

So where do we get ideas from? Do they just grow in our mind somehow without any influence from outside information or forces?

Most likely our higher selves.

I think they’re a reconfiguration of information around us.

Do things that inspire us usually inspire us along the same lines as what we perceive them to be?

What do you mean? Like poetry, metaphor, do clouds inspire thinking about water vapour most often? Do people inspire thinking about how best to sublimate our own personalities?

Ah well, inspiration, many times, comes from seeing something and then translating it into your field of expertise like watching a movie and adapting that concept into a painting, etc.

Does “inspired by” ever mean “same as” or “virtually the same as”?

No. Why not?

An auto mechanic can be inspired by a loaf of bread, or anything. Indeed they can, and even in something as concrete as mechanics, the inspiration for a device or innovation often has only a very strange or abstract relationship to their finished prototype.

So what, in our environment, do people most commonly describe as being inspiring?

Other people. “She is so inspirational…”

Nature. Sunsets.

We are moved to inspiration by the people places and things around us. Is there any other form of inspiration?



We say things like, we are children of our environment, products of our circumstances, even things like “the devil made me do it.” Why do we say these things?

We like excuses? Actually, no.

We get a thought we regard as bad and act on it.

Let’s look at the flip side of things. Have you ever had a new insight from your normal thinking? Do you do new things based on stuff you already know?

Generally not…

Occasionally, but not as often as reading or watching something.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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