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Vanity arises when you believe beauty is a moral or social virtue. True virtue needs no classification.

Space Between in Imagination


If I can also imagine sensory stimuli, then what isn’t imagination? What needs clarifying is what is imagination.

There are principles that present themselves to the imagination, but imagination itself is not a derivative phenomenon. It is the “fifth element”.

Imagine if the four elements had no distinctions between them. If there was no way to tell fire from water? Imagination is not derived from outside forces, nor is it separated from them. Imagination is the space between states of being (states of matter and energy) and has a force all its own.

I can selectively decide how much and when to apply it or else it will choose for me? Yes, like waters tendency to flow, your imagination will reflect. Water flows, air expands, earth shifts, fire burns, and imagination reflects.

I choose to reject your reality and substitute my own. You can choose that only in part, because to reject the reality of the other totally would require the destruction of the structure that allowed you to perceive it in the first place. You see a human reality because you have a human brain. The only way you wouldn’t see a human reality is if you no longer had a human brain, and since brainlessness means death… We do actually need a brain for our life force to continue on in this form. So no, you cannot dictate reality by rejecting it, but like an amoeba in a puddle of water, you do have remarkable abilities to direct and allocate your energy.

Imagination is purposefully using the potential between states? Yes. Its energy is the “prime mover”. It is motion and emotion.

Or if not purposefully it will follow the circuit you’ve previously set up? And then reality gets to looking very static, stagnant, dead. We don’t do well when reality seems dead. Even an amoeba has the sense to focus its energy on moving to new water.

The color of life fades when we feel all is predictable. Everything following that pre made circuit. The trick is in knowing I set up the circuit. The only thing that’s predictable is you, and not even you for that matter. The life force has a remarkable tenacity, a desire to stay alive. It’s even willing to drive you “insane” to do it, though the only insane state was the pattern of thought that led up to your mental illness, in that case. This is what happens when someone is held in a sensory isolation tank. Even if you are not schizophrenic, in short order your brain will behave in exactly that way.

So, eat all your imaginary vegetables. They are good for you and will let your mind grow big and strong.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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