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Spiritual Romance in Romance


What is it about the quality of something like a beautiful sky that moves us to feel romance? Psychologically, it’s been called “biophilia”. We instinctively have positive responses to witnessing things that are life supportive.

I feel romance for things that are bigger than the earth, for the power of the moving stars. Romance can be highly spiritual. Indeed, it can be very spiritual. If life itself is the root and seat of spirit, then the attraction to life and the things that support life is by definition spiritual. Ordination is supposed to be undertaken when you have that strength of feeling.

People find romance in their faith and some “marry” themselves to it. It is a romance with God. This is known as a valid relationship to the Hindu. In fact, there are relationships with God quite choose able. Indeed it is. Hindu Saints are reported to carry on in such relationships, and report their emotional needs are fully met.

Would you say we can even find romance alone? Yes, and the greatest artists do. They are consumed with their perceptions, deeply moved to bring their visions into reality. Very possibly just to satisfy themselves.

In Greek beliefs, a mortal who is said to have been bedded by a God or Goddess is not considered to be immoral. In most of the oldest pagan cultures, having a romance with the divine is considered a mark of spiritual depth and in no way base.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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