'Dark Kami' Chapter

Dark Kami

Kami are the spirit of everything in existence, and they display differing degrees of spiritual integrity and advancement. The majority of kami are peaceful, exhibiting s sort of citizenship in the great community of the spirit world. But there are kami that of their own nature add burden to the human spirit, usually linked to various forms of profanity. They bring illness in the simplest cases.

Misfortune is often found to be gifts in disguise as the dark kami don’t break the spiritual order. They arise from strain in the order. Dark kami perceive themselves and their actions to be gracious.

“Do not forget the profound goodness of the kami, through which calamity and misfortunes are averted and sickness is healed.” Shinto Wisdom

Kami are Everywhere

I won’t be speaking of a specific pantheon of spirits. Even to enumerate the traditional magatsuhi -no-kami would be a futile effort, but the concept behind the kami in general, and the dark kami in particular, is helpful for understanding… Seek More

What Goes Around Comes Around

Shintoism did involve something like karma as well. Kami did more than just cause acts of nature. They also observed humans in the world, and they exist on all levels of the spiritual. For one who showed active disrespect for… Seek More

To End Things

Can kami’s be touched like chakras? They are touched at the same time you touch a chakra. The chakra is its way of incarnating. It’s the house of the kami. The saying, “An angel just visited me.” It’s an interesting… Seek More

Be Respectful

Normally in Shinto belief, a family heirloom is the spiritual equivalent of a sacred relic. A family sword comes to be a kami of service and sacrifice for the betterment of the community. A family mirror comes to be a… Seek More