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To End Things in Dark Kami

Dark Kami

Can kami’s be touched like chakras? They are touched at the same time you touch a chakra. The chakra is its way of incarnating. It’s the house of the kami.

The saying, “An angel just visited me.” It’s an interesting notion, and has some unspoken implications that maybe should be questioned. Dark kami dwell in what we would consider places of ruin, ruins and ghost towns, haunted places, as well as waste lands.

Graveyards? Abandoned graveyards. As long as the ancestors are shown adequate reverence and upkeep, dark kami tend not to move there. Dark kami are the embodiments of disease and decay, but they serve their purpose.

They are what made the ancients want to pray before entering a public toilet? And to pray during bathing, during ritual purification ceremonies, all of that. It’s not a bad practice really.

They used to think getting sick from sewage was from bad spirits. Hand washing makes the spirits happy again? Well, it makes dark kami hungry, but makes you comfortable for regular kami to hang around.

Remember the distinction I made between heaven and the land of the dead? The reason those who engage in much wrong doing wind up in the land of the dead, rather than among the kami in heaven, is their actions had to be ended. That is the purpose of the dark kami, to end things, and when everything is in order they only end things from time to time. Their actions remain limited.

Little impurities don’t condemn a spirit automatically. If anything, little impurities are of effectively no consequence except for the fact that they tend to build up if neglected.

One example would be the career of undertaker. This career was seen as impure, but the one who practices it is not necessarily seen as evil. If the undertaker neglects observances of the good and spiritually pure in his life, it was seen that over time they would begin to show signs of dark influence, even potentially beginning to act like one of the dark kami themselves. This wasn’t grounds for persecution, but it wasn’t considered healthy or desirable. What are your thoughts on this, friends?

Every profession has its curse. As every realm of reality has its dark side.

Soldiers in a war zone can become callous to killing. They can became callous to suffering. One man is a Vietnam war vet, and his sense of right and wrong became rather myopic. But every aspect of reality can be, or give rise to, light or dark kami.

Prison guards and school teachers. Good examples there. And politicians. Yes. Priests. Some of those professions in name are considered virtuous, even though they often turn out to be vice ridden.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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