'Mania' Chapter

The split between the light and the dark is not moral. It’s innate, a reflection of temperament. Light aligns with the catatonia coping strategy, dark with the mania coping strategy. There are those who because of their biochemistry and neural architecture are driven to action, exertion of their will in any situation they are aware of. Now wisdom would require moderation, but can they learn this moderation from those who follow the light?

Denial of one’s maniacal tendencies because people tell them those should be expunged from their mind, what good does that do?

“I have spent my life going from mania to mania. Somehow it has all paid off.” Ray Bradbury

“Mania is a wonderful feeling.” Jeff Bridges

Line Between Sacred and Profane Arts

Today’s subject is not just about general mania, and mania isn’t as dramatic or obvious as people might think. There is a condition medical types refer to as hypomania. The person is generally very much in control of themselves, just… Seek More

Coping Strategy

In my view, the world is full of paths. All are true and proper components of reality. Paths of light and shadow, creation and elimination. All dynamics have to take their place in the cycle of things. It is also… Seek More

Maniac Struggles

To elaborate on my statement about morality not being the split between the light and dark, many who knowingly take a dark view of the world do so for moral reasons. They actually do it to preserve their sense of… Seek More

What Common Ground?

Perhaps an experiential example… They have tested this under functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI). They have deliberately set up a pattern recognition test. In the test they set up a group to participate in the testing, but only one is… Seek More

Common Ground in Perception

Would my self-identification be welcome? I am one of those action oriented types. My developmental disorder has created conditions that denied “stability” from day one. Most who fall into my medical category actually shut down completely. It isn’t catatonia. They… Seek More

My Perception of Humanity

It takes me a great deal to really believe in people’s innocence or good intentions, but I can understand someone else’s purity. If I let myself experience that moment fully with them, I can feel the genuine loving motive, and… Seek More