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We are not free of darker feelings and views just because we espouse a spiritual view or lifestyle.

Maniac Struggles in Mania

To elaborate on my statement about morality not being the split between the light and dark, many who knowingly take a dark view of the world do so for moral reasons. They actually do it to preserve their sense of morality. They feel a compulsion to preserve some shred of justice. They commit to making something in their lives seem fair. Is this immoral?

But like those who feel cut-off, going on a killing rampage in schools can be evil. Oh indeed, that is full blown uncontrolled mania and it is destructive. I will in no way endorse that sort of behaviour. But denial of one’s maniacal tendencies because people tell them those should be expunged from their mind, what good does that do?

It builds it up, like a pressure-cooker hence the light workers snap. The budding maniac struggles with all they have. They do everything they can to remain a good boy or good girl, and then one day they discover that god has something to say to them. That if they were good parents they would kill their spouse and children, put them out of their misery because it’s the “good” thing to do. It’s because they really love them. They do honestly believe this.

Is it basically trying too hard? Yes, indeed.

Or Christians burning witches. That is an example, yes.

So how could that decay be avoided? Do they need their frontal brain poked out?

Appreciating both paths? The dark if you’re light and the light if you’re dark, then you won’t be trying to expunge anything? Indeed.

Brake down the walls of their prison, draw them out. I will offer an example of what you mention. You’re right, but you can’t just remove them from their element. The budding maniac, if allowed to see the mania in the world, if their perceptions are seen as just one aspect of how the world is, learns that no aspect of their mania is special. Each bout of intense emotion, rather than being a message from god, becomes just a phase of their life. They can begin to see the mania in others and feel more of a sense of connection to them. When it is okay to see another person’s greed, what harm comes from that? When it is okay to see another person’s egotism, what harm comes from that?

So the connection breaks down the prison walls? Indeed, but while their natural perceptions are forbidden, when they have to hate themselves because their natural view of the world is evil to the eyes of others, what good comes from that?

I guess this is the basis for support groups? Part of it.

Now in the fullness of contact between light and dark, the two can begin to know a form of natural intimacy rather than unnatural conflict. You can’t see your blind spots until your actual perception is allowed. You can’t see the dark clearly until you have seen the light in depth, and the reverse is also true.

One could allow evil actions to continue by saying, “Awww, that’s alright.”? It has nothing to do with saying it’s all right, but what wisdom is there is saying it’s all wrong either?

Sometimes you have to exercise your will. Any exercise of will prolonged will inevitably break. You have to find ways to work around will and use it only as needed.

Is that the same as being truly neutral? It’s as close to that as anyone gets.

Like I won’t buy guns for someone who wants to kill people. Actually, you do all the time. You pay your taxes. Catatonia is the rule for most people. They numb things just enough to be able to tolerate what they know of reality.

Even the young become very still when they are in mortal danger. Is that instinctive? That is instinctive, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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