'Night Guides' Chapter

Night Guides

Nature has what could be called a night side, and I don’t just mean that some things are nocturnal (most aren’t), but I mean that nature has a set of exceptions that complement its rules. The night side is that part of nature we don’t commonly see because it is normally at rest.

In the process of exploring all your relations with the world, you find allies and you find adversaries. Those spirits that challenge you when you encounter them and seem to be set against your intentions. They are a part of the natural balance and an important part of the shamans way.

The night guides all carry one message. Be true to yourself. Which means you will be the natural outgrowth. Be true to your inner spirit, and thus true to everyone. It’s not a challenge to tackle in a short time. It is something that occurs over a lifetime, perhaps multiple life times.

“Night brings our troubles to the light, rather than banishes them.” Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)

Natures Night Side

The title we gave this series might be a bit misleading. Night guides actually refers to animals guides, and as with everything in the subject of dark metaphysics, we will be discussing the darker side of that phenomenon. A bit… Seek More

Gifts from the Earth Mother

For those who may feel they have no connection with an animal guide, some clarity is in order. In the shamanic model of the world and reality, everything you have, every gift, talent, trait, was received by you as a… Seek More

Place of All Fear

Now a brief aside on nocturnal creatures then we will discuss individual beings. Nocturnal creatures represent a minority of presences in our world.  The reason the night dwelling creatures are associated with fear is because they are associated with death… Seek More

Keepers of Your Initiation

How can you discover a totem? They show up in your behavior and aptitudes, in your dreams, and sometimes even in your physical relationships. Discovering ones totem is a deep process in a way. Is it always another living thing?… Seek More

Night Guides Message

Exactly which spirits are your night guides, your influences in the night side of nature, that is unique to you. But no matter how well versed in the light you are, the night side will come to you as well,… Seek More