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Place of All Fear in Night Guides

Night Guides

Now a brief aside on nocturnal creatures then we will discuss individual beings. Nocturnal creatures represent a minority of presences in our world. 

The reason the night dwelling creatures are associated with fear is because they are associated with death and what do we fear more than death? The Mesoamerican name for the realm of the dead was Xibalba which translates as the place of all fear.

We have our nightmares when we have the little death we call sleep. Even the Greeks associated sleep and death, and the nocturnally active creatures were those things that often seemed connected to our nightmares as they were the ones most likely to disturb our sleep.

If we didn’t wake up before we hit the ground in a falling dream, would we die or get injured? This has been studied, and nightmares can induce heart attack or stroke. It’s just rare that they do. So yes, the theoretical fall in your sleep could possibly kill, or in my case of dreaming of falling into cold water, make ill. Just about every biological function can be induced by suggestion, and perhaps all. So perhaps all of our health issues have a history of suggestion behind them.

That’s why sugar pills work. It’s all in the suggestion that taking a pill is doing something. They even clarified that. No actual deceit has to be practiced. They took a group of people and told them that they are not receiving any medical treatment, that they were being given placebos and the doctor was just going through routine or ritual. They experienced relief and recovery anyway, but we digress…

The night time creatures prey upon the dead and the sort of dead, so they are considered to in some way occupy the realm of the dead, or place of fear as the Mesoamerican nations called it. It’s uncommon to have a nocturnal animal as an ally or totem, but not unheard of. Do any of you?

Leopard, but he is day time too. Ah, he isn’t one of the children of the night. Diurnal creatures are still spiritual day-side creatures.

I’m not sure if I even have a totem. A totem is something you discover. Having a totem is sort of like having parent’s. You may not know them, but you have your spirit anyway.

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Travis Saunders
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