'Warlock' Chapter


Tradition doesn’t always produce the desired results when training a new student of the spirit world. Warlocks occurred by virtue of a sort of spiritual contagion, and have occurred all across the world and in every culture. The warlock is a person touched by the spirits, marked by the wild ones. They were not originally seen as evil people, but they were not well trusted in general because their behaviour could in a sense be called “mad.”

In the case of the warlock phenomenon, I think it would even be possible to train someone as one who is not otherwise innately disposed toward it. The practices of the Sufi dervishes and voodoo ritualists might be an example.

Caller of Spirits

Today, we are talking about warlocks. I am using the word warlock because any concept needs a name, and this one has been used for this purpose even if people debate its general origin or full meaning. In the history… Seek More

Marked by the Wild Ones

The warlock is a person touched by the spirits, marked by the wild ones. It was often thought that they had some part of their heart eaten by one of the spirits of the night, and thus their conduct and… Seek More

Modern Warlock

Warlocks have existed in every culture and, at different times, had some means of support from the cultures they lived on the fringes of. In fact, the stories of the supposed witches Sabbath as related by the catholic church, about… Seek More

Warlock Magick

What kind of magic do warlocks prefer, or does it vary? They prefer what could be considered a variation of shamanism. They develop new fetishes rather than keeping the tribal relics, picking up items from their visions rather than from… Seek More

Families of Experience

Are you a warlock? As for the question about myself, recent research is showing a link between autism, which I have been diagnosed with, and schizophrenia. They appear to be opposite sides of a related process in the mind. The… Seek More