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The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

Modern Warlock in Warlock


Warlocks have existed in every culture and, at different times, had some means of support from the cultures they lived on the fringes of. In fact, the stories of the supposed witches Sabbath as related by the catholic church, about the supposed evidence of their contact with Satan, was always just a mysterious man in a cloak or robes possessed of an unusual demeanour and never seen in the village normally. They were likely accused of communing with the devil because warlocks behaved in what outsiders might seem as demoniac or devilish ways, passionate wild dancing, loud music and screaming, howling, things like that.

Metallica? A modern warlock might like Metallica, but they would be looking for the sotcuh of the same spiritual force they live with, and much of modern intensity lacks such depth or roots.

Perhaps today they cover themselves in heavy metal bands. It is possible. They would be perhaps the most inspired of their kind of artist, and they would be expressing meaning in their music. Some of our modern heavy metal music is very meaningful and deep, though much is not, just like other forms of music.

As for comparing them to normal teens, that would be unfair to teens, and missing some important elements of what a warlock is. A young warlock would be a lost boy or wild girl, for lack of better terms. But the shift in maturity that leads young teenagers to seek love and family and stability in time, tends not to occur for warlocks. Socially, they could be called special needs, in a way, though this does not mean to say the warlock was retarded. They just developed differently and sometimes were even mentored. The legends of child snatching, only to see the child later in the woods.

Sounds like many griefers. If griefers had a natural and innate reason for what they did. Warlocks are not just sadists in a natural setting. Their motivations are not sadistic, and in fact, often they would come to the protection of the village they were born into, attacking the camps of enemy forces while they slept, acting independently of their tribes, functioning more as warriors than soldiers. Even when working as small groups, part of their perceived magick was their seeming immunity to what the villagers saw as very disturbing, even frightening, going about in the dark of night comfortably as if they were nocturnal predators.

Perhaps a modern example of warlock. Picasso used the Italian word for sorcerer to describe himself from time to time, but he would have been a warlock. His creative works were inspired more or less by his madness.

Charlie Sheen calls himself a warlock and he does act irrationally. He does, but a true warlock would have method to their madness. I would say instead he is just a neurotic World of Warcraft (WoW) fan.

Picasso was known for preferring his own company and meditations. Warlocks have what borders on an animosity for what we might consider normal people, and would certainly prefer to limit their attention.

If the community accepts and has patience for the person, they don’t become a warlock? Actually no, that would be a blessing, but the warlock would always be a warlock.

Are you a warlock? I wouldn’t venture to say. It’s more of a realization, and a big part of that is how the community responds. So I will ask you the same question, Would you call me one?

For one, you appear to lack the animosity toward “normal” folk. You desire to share with others. I do much to adapt my behaviour in dealing with people. This is a big part of why classes drain me like they do.

So you see yourself as one? I see myself as merely lost and seeking, but the warlock behaves historically more like a sort of Tarzan figure. They have more insight into the ways of nature and the beyond than they do into human affairs and feelings.

Swinging from vines? Perhaps swinging from vines, though doubtful as that particular practice is mostly fiction. It’s not possible to do it in a useful way. But the warlock would display behaviour more like the classic Greek cynic philosophers than those more high minded. They would prefer to sit in the dirt and draw images from their visions than recite stories to people.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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