'Rest' Chapter


Find the Tao, the natural way of yourself. Some emotions are disturbing and cause unhappiness, and they arise from ideas that differ from inner nature. We can get so upset that we will seek oblivion, just to find peace. Either your calling is the path of peace, or maybe you are meant to find the peace in passion.

“Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest” Ashleigh Brilliant

“I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best. My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligently.” Ernest Hemingway (American novelist and short-story writer, Won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, 1899-1961)

“Rest, rest, perturbed spirit!” William Shakespeare (English Dramatist, Playwright and Poet, 1564-1616)

Rest vs. Stagnation

The difference between coming to rest in life and stagnation. Very different dynamics. We often feel that anything in life must be our decision. That we have to be in control. So we often set rhythms in our life that… Seek More

Force of Will

Are we never to force our will on life? People think that without force, without “taking initiative”, we would never express ourselves at all. Never do or create anything. We are told any creation is an act of will. Everything… Seek More

Rest and Recreation

The search for rest is what takes so many people into substance abuse. To take a break from their inner chaos. The process that leads to addiction is not “evil” in the person. We do even the harmful things because… Seek More


Why do you feel society has perhaps gotten as crazy as it has, friends? So many reasons I could cite. I don’t know where to begin. It’s focus on progress. Cosmic changes are filtering through to us. Some of us… Seek More

Letting Go

Sometimes it feels like I’m in a room where everyone is shouting over one another, and I just hear noise in my head. I can’t make sense of any of it. Yes, and you do try. The best course in… Seek More

Rest Is Clarity

Many cultures demonize rest. They believe it leads to selfish licentious behaviour. I can see why people think so, but it isn’t actually the cause. Rest serves as a mirror of your state. When you rest, your state of mind becomes… Seek More

In Touch

Rest is a profound wisdom, and it puts us in touch with the world as it is, not as our fearful thinking tells us it is. From this world our life stems, and in rest we draw from that same… Seek More