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A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

In Touch in Rest


Rest is a profound wisdom, and it puts us in touch with the world as it is, not as our fearful thinking tells us it is. From this world our life stems, and in rest we draw from that same well. Or if not, where does our energy actually come from? Can you make energy like you make coffee?

Corporations are trying, but employees haven’t took to it yet. Oh, they try many insane things on a Sunday. I’ve heard companies talk of “high energy” work places like it was something they could produce. They cannot produce, but can maybe tap. But this would take more wisdom than most of them have.

Hmmm, energy drinks. People down those things like they are coffee. They don’t actually give you energy. They just mask your cycle. I imbibe energy drinks like some people use soda, for the simple reason that they sooth me. They short the functions that keep me locked in my head.

According to the law of conservation of energy, it’s all here already. All we can do is change its form. Well, energy has its natural forms, and a natural process we use it in as well.

In the work place, you can go from one McDonalds to another and each place will have its own energy. Some workers seem very happy. Some seem like they are so miserable. That’s true.

The world would be better off if we taught rest. It would indeed. But it’s so rare for anyone to actually understand it to explain it to someone else. Another failing of the educational system. I am a walking failure of the educational system and proud of it. This is why you hear all the drama around autism. They want to “save” those children who can’t be reached in the normal way. When in fact, it may turn out rather much the reverse. I laugh whenever I hear the “save the autistic children” commercials. The only thing they need is the peace of being accepted for their differences. They can learn on their own, and they do. They call these savants.

Is there not a touch of arrogance to that? “Save the autistic children” as if it were understood there is only their way. It implies an agenda, too. Indeed, if you mean the neuro-typical advocates.

The world wants it mystics back, needs them. You don’t kill them any more, but the traditions were heavily damaged or destroyed. So nature is birthing them with it built in. And well, the way things are looking, the old world looks like it’s moving at a rapid clip toward an enforced rest, financial and social collapse. This will feel like the end of the world to those whose lives were defined by the old paradigm. But we who number among the “lost” won’t really be bothered at all.

It already does and they are having a hell of a time handling it. It would be nice if the financial system could find the rest state, but I imagine it is just mirroring people. We can forge a healthy working agreement that would allow us to trade fairly. It is possible. This would take sane people to find, though.

I wish you regular rest in all your efforts, my friends.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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