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You Are Not Mind


We shape our minds when we shape the ideas we call words. In shaping the mind we shape the world as we see it, and dispose ourselves to function according to the ideas we create. Here is a strange idea.… Seek More

Science, Spirit, Energy and Matter


Alchemy can be applied widely, and it’s more a way of thinking or philosophy rather then ‘stir a pot and out comes gold’ as it’s usually portrayed. The association with making gold was narrow even in the heyday of alchemy.… Seek More

Crystal Magick


The material uses of things in magic (or whatever you prefer to call your practice) stem from one type of insight, that the world is interconnected. Hermetic philosophy refers to these connections as correspondences, and they have been viewed in… Seek More

Relationship with Spirit


I wonder how Machiavelli would be seen back in the day? As you know, Machiavelli had considerable influence as a strategist, but not much virtue. His power came from “not revealing the rules of the game”, and for supposedly not… Seek More

Modern Magic


I see Carl Jung as having been an excellent scientist, a definite peer to Einstein. Though their focuses were different, their understanding of the minds role in the world was the same. Basically, they were modern wizards, and they weren’t… Seek More

Feeling Disconnection


Many spiritual groups don’t welcome dark feelings or dark sentiments in their functions. We don’t have this prejudice on Reflection Island, and our Spiritual Darkness class is to give that its place in our awareness. I would like to start… Seek More

Awareness Is Reality


Human thought is a contagious disease, and some people are an “immune” system. Those who are the immune system to dysfunctional thought patterns are like, “umm, that’s not quite right.” They point out the errors and seek to destroy them?… Seek More

Psionic Animism


I will start with some simple explanations of psionics before I get into anything more involved. Psionics is the understanding, development, and practice of the powers of the mind. Everything from precognition to empathic healing. If it’s “consciousness only” paranormal… Seek More

Psionic Talents


One psionic talent is animal communication. Some people have a natural gift for feeling the emotions, and even the thoughts of other species. Often they can do this with an animal species, but not humans. A horse whisperer? Yes. The… Seek More

Thought Independent Of Mind


Ever notice how “your” mind seems to do things you don’t want it to? Or surprising things you don’t anticipate? In psionic animism, mind, and even more specifically mind forms, (we call them thought) have their own spirit. They have… Seek More