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Contact in Spirit


In the spiritual realm, the center of the persons spirit creates a zone around them. I call this the logos. In the Bible they say in the beginning was the word, and the word was God and was with God.… Seek More

The Other Side

Light Practice

People think that what kills goes away when you die. It doesn’t. It stays, but when you die what kills is revealed and made manifest. This applies even to those who “go to heaven”. There is a rhythmic marker on… Seek More

Born of Hate

Inner Demons

Are you familiar with the term synchronicity? We protect our inner demons because they have meaning for us. This is why we created them, and they do indeed manifest both as a social shift due to scapegoating, and as weird synchronicities… Seek More

Food Magic

Food Magic

Food magic is not unlike many other disciplines, and it can both be tied to healing magic and self transformation. “What you put in” is perhaps one of the core principles of all magic. But the term sorcery, literally means… Seek More

Organized Understanding


Anyone familiar with Carl Jung‘s work? It can be wrapped up simply. He wasn’t swept up by the “age of reason” BS. Carl Jung was a student of Freud’s, but his work took a different track when he looked at… Seek More

Theory Of Archetypes


Archetype is a modern word for a force that has always been present in life. Their legitimacy is still being debated, but there are some questions that find their answers in the theory of archetypes that have no answer in… Seek More

Using Archetypes


To use archetypes, I’m thinking that by our conscious intention to impress upon them we can “change the world” potentially? Indeed, but it’s not really possible to “tag” an archetype. They won’t incorporate psychic graffiti. It’s more setting up a… Seek More

Practical Application Of Archetypes


When you see that reality is made of the exact same symbolism as occurs in your dreams, you can begin to make decisions and choose behaviours that incorporate the power of this same symbolism. Behave in an intelligent and conscious… Seek More

Why Of Reality


Metaphysics is the body of wisdom not related to the “whats” of reality. That would be science or art. Metaphysics is about the “whys” which means there is a metaphysics of both science and art. They have said the world… Seek More

Basis In Reality


Everyone familiar with the tarot? The imagery on those cards is archetypical, and archetypes are memetic presences at the very least, if not spirits. The “words” behind the tarot were an oral tradition. The images were crafted on buildings and… Seek More