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Any subtle feeling you experience… It’s not invalid. Treat it as natural and a real part of the world, and you will not go insane.

Practical Application Of Archetypes in Archetypes


When you see that reality is made of the exact same symbolism as occurs in your dreams, you can begin to make decisions and choose behaviours that incorporate the power of this same symbolism. Behave in an intelligent and conscious way toward the content that is in your environment anyway.

Now you might ask, what’s the point of this? Ever notice in your dreams that though it seems illogical, your actions still have a sort of cause and effect pattern? You move the fish and the door to the strange house opens, and in the dream you totally expected it would?

I’m moving through it like I’d move through the waking world. Yes. It’s been scientifically proven that part of your mind is still functioning even while you are awake.

Only when I wake up is the chicken on the guy’s head weird. True. Well, even while everyone is awake, that dream logic is still working.

While I’m awake I’m using a dream logic in my subconscious mind? Yes, and your subconscious mind is making observations of your environment as well. It doesn’t lose access to your senses and can’t. That’s organic and quite hard wired. So though everyone’s conscious minds are directing their behaviour, if you take conscious waking world actions using dream logic, the minds of observers will take this in and your action will have a parallel function in their mind and life.

Example. Ever notice that you meet some people who though they seem quite tough and even socially aggressive, just seem to exude an aura of fear? If you watch a little longer, you will even see that their angry behaviour is pointed at specific things. Even though they will say they are unafraid of them, they won’t act logically afraid of them even. They will have no reason even to dislike them. If you imitate or suggest you are connected to whatever they are afraid of, you can either motivate them to cooperate with you or leave you alone. Like many “macho” men show signs of being afraid of women, and yet a “feminine” man is likely their boss at work. This manly guy will rush to do whatever that boss says, even do extra, though there is no reason they have to. But they are afraid of their boss, even if the boss is seen as the “nicest guy in the world.”

I’ve seen macho men who do seem to use it as a cover for being uncomfortable with women. I guess as a woman I can see that and ask them to do things and they likely will? Yes, or evade you. But it usually doesn’t get to fight or flight unless you make them feel cornered. This needs some finesse.

He does what I want so he can evade me? Yes, but it isn’t only about fear. Let’s say someone associates sentimental feelings with socks. I know it sounds weird, but they may have some fond, comforting memory linked to the visual image of a sock.

There are “lucky socks” people. There indeed are and you will see it in the person. They may always be sure to include one color in their clothing, or have some habit of staring at a specific thing, but let’s focus on the sentimental sock person. You are dealing with them and they are upset. You could calm them even without their thinking or knowing you are doing it by suggestion. Just appear to be staring at your own feet.

Someone I use to know at work would wear red socks. The red sock person could be befriended by keeping an image of movement or speed on your person or in your social space. Like one of those toy hotrods with red flames on it.

Ah, I think that would have got his attention. Likely, and got him to warm up. He likes/is comfortable with the energetic movement archetypes.

These things we notice like the sock connection, point to what archetypes they’re drawn to? And then we use more of those types of archetypes with them? Yes, and you can predict what impact an archetype will have on them, because there are really only two types of response. This is why we perceive ourselves to “move” in a dream actually. There is either attraction or avoidance. A dream is either wish fulfillment or problem solving.

Does the path of the “middle way” make us less reactive to archetypes as we cultivate that? Less and more. You see more depth in the archetypes if you follow the middle way, thus they will seem to have more substance/power to you. But because you see them more objectively, you will have more deliberate choice regarding how you relate to them. Thus any archetype you choose not to use will seem to have less power over you.

And harder for others to manipulate us with them? Harder, but not impossible. You live in a world of sense objects until you don’t. But the “dream language” will seem more obvious to you, more clear, and thus though you understand the message perfectly, it will still have the meaning it has. If they are sending “scare” messages, you will still have to consider why they are trying to scare you even if they aren’t consciously trying.

So the world of symbolism is very real. As real as matter. As real as your own flesh and blood. You gain more power when you see both the “spirit/symbol” and the literal meaning of anything in your life. Use both, and your actions and intentions will be doubly effective. You could even be capable of what people would call a “miracle” due to their limited perception, because they do not see the “invisible” connection that you are working with.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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