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Guided Grace Meditation #2


A guided meditation recorded on Reflection Island in Second Life. Join the group ‘One World, Many Paths’ to attend Vampirekiss Fairey’s Divine Grace meditation classes in real time. Join the group ‘One World, Many Paths’ to attend events in real… Seek More

To Be Awakened


First aid for the newly awakened. What does it mean to be awakened? Much like mundane waking and sleep cycles, you go from a more narrow sensitivity to a broader one. So when you awaken spiritually/psychically, it can be a… Seek More

Going Forward


When newly awakened and feeling alone and isolated, how would one reality check? First, sort out what is you and what is not you. When you feel alone you feel this awareness more. You will find that your sense of being… Seek More

Lifestyle Of The Newly Awakened


On to lifestyle. When newly awakened your old lifestyle will look like it’s a total mess. Like you went and ruined your life and it can seem like you will never recover. This isn’t true. Some parts of your old… Seek More

Nature Of Awakening


The nature of your awakening may differ from another person. For some, the awakening involves a relationship with the world and the spirits, the stars and the energies that form the foundation of reality. It feels like really entering the… Seek More



I have, and may in the future, behave in ways that people would consider cruel and without guilt. Why is that? One act of charity is to live and let die. Charity is not only about giving presence, accepting presence,… Seek More

Twilight State

Crown Chakra

Does the pineal gland have to do with the dream state? It does, yes, as it has a great deal to do with the inner cycle of the nervous system, and is influenced by external light stimulation as well. It… Seek More

Powers Of The Underworld


The heavens have their own presences and processes that mirror and compliment those of the underworld, but the underworld has a few repeating paths. Things that surface in experience and the minds eye as well as in dreams. Where the… Seek More

The Continuum


In ascension, does the lives the soul experiences have more access to soul knowledge? Yes. An ascended individual takes on a responsibility to the community of the ascended. Our bodies’ makeover is for that purpose? Yes. This is why some… Seek More

Be Respectful

Dark Kami

Normally in Shinto belief, a family heirloom is the spiritual equivalent of a sacred relic. A family sword comes to be a kami of service and sacrifice for the betterment of the community. A family mirror comes to be a… Seek More