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Spiritual Practice

One paradox is that expectations are an interference with genuine practice, like meditation. One quote is, “A true practitioner has an absence of expectation and doubt.” Lama Dodjum Dorjee. So we have this paradox. We are attempting to do something… Seek More

Judgement and Our World View


Judgement is something I have been dealing with lately, but there are some simple facts regarding it. As much as people may want to believe otherwise, we do not respond to an objective reality. The world and our lives as… Seek More

A Ride in Your Head


Any student of logic knows that logic is just a form of cognitive reality checking.  It is a function of the monkey mind taken to a cerebral level, and logic can be satisfied by any consistency. This is why even… Seek More

Fear of Change


To overcome my fear of change, I need to work on my focus? Yes, change is what you see it to be. Realize that change is what you say it is. What you think, and feel, and believe it is.… Seek More

Identifying Possession


How to spot possession? It’s actually not that hard, and it’s also not that common. A deluded person will create a shallow schism. They will be projecting a role more than an actual different consciousness, and the mental processes thought… Seek More

Consistency For Preservation


Today’s topic is consistency. In my experience, people often point out my quixotic nature as one of the things they find uncomfortable about me. I’m basically sort of inconsistent. In general, people praise consistency as a virtue, and of the… Seek More

Consistent Incarnation


Is this existence one of the best for the souls evolution? Sort of a really intense boot camp? If you meant to illustrate infinity, how would you do it? I visualize a huge, grid like matrix, extending forever in all directions.… Seek More

Soul First


There is a lot of concern with free will. This is why many shun the concept of unity. We do have free will, or intention, also called choice, but we misunderstand that capacity. We err in our understanding of those… Seek More

Life By Principles


We praise consistency in most things unless the consistent behaviour is judged negative, but then we still prefer it to inconsistent negativity. The person who’s only erratically negative is much more scary socially for some reason. Is it not true… Seek More

Guiding Dynamic


So what in our own being is ever consistent? Is anything? Change? Is the change aimless? If we err but must be consistent, then we must be “damned”? There can be no atonement or salvation, because consistency is virtue? I… Seek More