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External Now


I was asked to share my views of the “now.” The external now is eternally changing, and the external now is forever a mystery, and the external now is a lie. In the external now everything shifts, like shadows near… Seek More

Courage to Act


Courage is a very simple thing, and yet we don’t really tackle it much. What is courage really? Is it some special strength of character that some have and others don’t? It seems we never think we have it ourselves,… Seek More

Wisdom of Courage


The wisdom of courage is just accepting the instability of life. That what you know is already there. Accepting your own limitations, even if you don’t understand them, and living your life anyway. Because really, that life you are living,… Seek More

Greater Awareness


Courage is not a well understood factor of life, but we do experience it anyway.  It’s a pretty important part of life, so it might profit us to understand it. Courage is often seen in negative definition only, and that tends to… Seek More

Engage the World


We have not one drive, but two. A will to self preservation and fear, but also a will to power. Courage. A motivation to engage the world. Some soldiers do actually want to see the battle won, and we in our… Seek More

We Belong In Being


You can internally think about ‘doing the right thing’ with every little thing that you do, or that happens. It’s exhausting. Exhausting and crippling. Who has succeeded by conscience alone? Anyone? And those who complain of never succeeding, are they… Seek More

Living From Core


Fear is my worst enemy. Fear is everyone’s worst enemy, and the reason it is, is because people are afraid of fear. They will do anything to avoid it, or end it. They refuse with all their energy to look… Seek More

Express Self


The Bible says (and I must paraphrase), “Whatever you do unto the least of these, my children. You do unto me also (read as God).” Humanity has shown an amazing and passionate contempt for consciousness in general, let alone their… Seek More

Liberation Begins Life


What is the “norm”? The norm is the fringe. The norm is to be a non-being. Those who are closer to the heart of the collective mind only care as far as they can make the puppets dance. They know… Seek More

Do What You Know


I have made all my best friends in moments when I thought I was being the biggest jerk. Because in the moments when I was being the biggest jerk, I wasn’t trying to “control” myself. I wasn’t following any rules,… Seek More