Articles containing "Destiny"

Passion and Choice


The monk is passionate, passionate in ascetic seeking. The zealot is also passionate, passionate in persecution. Some believe the monk is trained to forget his physical humanity, and to focus on the mind and that is not passion but doctrine. I would… Seek More

Divine Mind


When you make God a person you automatically limit God, and that isn’t possible. When you say God is the person, and no one else is God, then no one at all is God. For something to be a supreme… Seek More

Participate in Destiny


I’m going to talk about destiny. It’s not a topic people talk about much, but they think about it a fair bit. They wonder if it is, or isn’t there. They think about it when feeling powerless, or when if… Seek More

The World Is Watching


People often get into the idea that they are “entitled” to do what they are used to doing, and get deeply stuck in their habits and “set in their ways”. The problem with this is they don’t see that they… Seek More

Life Purpose


What is your nature? Some have said your nature is God. To use quantum theory, your nature is the observer. Have you noticed that sometimes when you’re really upset, you sort of unplug from the situation, and are just sort… Seek More

Free Will


Destiny is like one of those unspoken rules people joke about. People talk about it little, but think about it more than they admit. When anything seems outside of their power to affect, or when there seems to be an… Seek More

Way In The World


People are infinite, and saying people are crazy is ego. Saying people are wise is ego. Saying anything and embracing it as an absolute definition is ego. We can see the song, and then we can see the singer, and… Seek More

Twisted Intention


Sit your body wherever you like. What I would ask you, is where are you sitting in your mind, and how long have you been sitting there? Oh, 44 years. Long time to sit isn’t it? There is a basis for… Seek More

Land and God


Zionism is both political and spiritual. It has been going on for a long time, and it even translated into other cultures.  In America, it became manifest destiny. Zionism is ultimately the idea that God has promised land, and that… Seek More

Nothing To Fix


I’m changing with time. Time. Interesting notion. Bushido teaches something I find helpful, metaphorically at least. “I am already dead.” You have already lost the fight, so you can decide what to do with your “failure”. If everything is a… Seek More