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Natural Sense of Well-being


Children go through a stage authorities call individuation. We have an instinct that tells us that we should be free to connect with new things as well as familiar things. Well, for myself, that individuation stage was my entire early… Seek More

Work with Fear of the Consequences


Have you ever produced something while you were having fun? Yes. Isn’t productivity work? Sometimes work and play can be the same. Why are they ever different? When the work lasts longer than the period of interest. In work someone… Seek More



The dichotomy of either accident or intent is something in the wake of foundation thought… anthropomorphising the universe to justify preferences. We are our preferences. They need no justification. We exist as our own behavioural parameters and then proceed to… Seek More

Hard Wired to Harmonize


Your nervous system picks up patterns of action potential through the mirroring nervous system. They have even found that when you observe someone with the intention to be able to reproduce the action they displayed, your brain activates the same… Seek More

A Word for all Times

Your Word

Why do we swear we will keep our word? Why do we ever promise people anything? Because we believe we are special to them perhaps? To perpetuate sameness? Make ourselves look special? And yet that in the end leads to… Seek More

We Turned Our Backs on God


There is a theory that the central brain is where we got the idea of god, was our first experience of god, and it communicated through mild hallucination. The conscious brain had very little personality. It heard and it obeyed,… Seek More

Icky Underbelly


What would happen if we came to relate to each other without the system? Without the ideas of how society is supposed to work? Without living behind a veil of abstractions and mechanism? It would be hard to interact without… Seek More

Start Over


Let’s use a little science here. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about a very strange medical case. I woman who had her amygdala removed which is the part responsible for processing emotions. It doesn’t govern vital functions… Seek More

Just Play


Have I succeeded in communicating here? If so has it drained you? If it has drained you I offer an alternative reason. Let’s explore this. As a child when you endured a hurt that made you cry, did it take… Seek More

Your Body is Open Source


Could you talk about the routing system? Certainly. Anyone familiar with mirror networks or cloud computing? Yes, a little. Some believe that because we seem so wired to network that we are a single mind. This is not New Age… Seek More