Articles containing "Entitlement"

Money is Thinking


Let’s discuss a popular social idea. Money. Money is thinking. Ideas related to having and entitlement. The intuition behind money is having. So feel in your gut a sense of having. Perhaps if you need an object of the “having”… Seek More

Land and God


Zionism is both political and spiritual. It has been going on for a long time, and it even translated into other cultures.  In America, it became manifest destiny. Zionism is ultimately the idea that God has promised land, and that… Seek More

Necessity of Life


Today’s topic is entitlement. It’s a complicated topic that many people have mixed feelings about, either feeling that the world owes them something or like they are undeserving of anything. Neither of which are functional beliefs, nor are they in… Seek More

Mystery Of Entitlement


The big mystery of entitlement is that no one “deserves” anything, not any more or any less than any other person. In the natural way, we would all enjoy both privileges and responsibilities more or less equally. So our society… Seek More

People Hold The Power


Even within a species, there is a tendency for individuals to specialize. Individuals are special. It even showed up in early human culture, but it’s especially evident in ants. Where the nurses are small and numerous, the warriors are large… Seek More

You Are Deserving


In western society, they teach young men to be alphas. Lead them to believe that they are nothing if they cannot be an alpha. Which leads these young men to blind aggression, burn-out, alcoholism, drug abuse, and even domestic violence,… Seek More

Nature Finds A Way


What is the natural position of humans, really? Holistically, regarding all spheres and dimensions here. Excellent question. Humanity is the “watching” species, or in a multi-dimensional sense, they are earth custodians, not its owners. The shepherds of the life force concentrated… Seek More

Life Deserves Love


So much sickness in the world. It seems like every year there is a new virus to worry about. I don’t think even the Aids virus is as wide spread as the influenza. We are entitled to heal even from… Seek More

Being Worthy


How are you feeling? I feel curious. Excellent. That will take a bit of concentration to come up with an adequate metaphor. I’m eating at the moment, so “hungry” might fit at least for my physical aspect. Feeling is as… Seek More

The Other


We have the natural world which we are naturally a part of and all worthy to be in and interact with, though we deal with it differently as is also natural and right. But is that the world we live… Seek More