Articles containing "Expectation"

Spiritual Practice

One paradox is that expectations are an interference with genuine practice, like meditation. One quote is, “A true practitioner has an absence of expectation and doubt.” Lama Dodjum Dorjee. So we have this paradox. We are attempting to do something… Seek More

No One Mind


They say no news is good news, and one of our two primal fears is loud noise, a.k.a. news. It is a species wide fear, but humans are supposedly creatures of knowledge and communication. Leading the normal life is a… Seek More

Harmony of Thought

Native American

Can you go into the origins of the tobacco and spirit offering in Native American culture? Tobacco was considered a powerful spirit. It was considered to have the power to enliven the one smoking it, and even modern research has… Seek More

Why Are We Lonely?


Loneliness is an interesting topic though at first it might seem quite shallow. We all feel we experience it and we are all right, but the question is why? Why in this great heavily human populated world do we feel… Seek More

Psychokinesis Phenomenon


Psychokinesis (PK) is directly linked to energy state. Thus many tai chi practitioners report an increase in energy, as do yogis and really any energy worker. Most people don’t experience or notice self generated PK, because their systems are bogged… Seek More

Power to Give


Reciprocation has played a part in a lot of metaphysical and spiritual world views. As above so below, yin and yang, yet we in our modern culture have largely abandoned this idea thinking we act independently of the world, or… Seek More



There is giving, and then there is bribery. The difference between genuine giving and bribery is in giving there are no conditions. You give because you are adding to the world. It’s bribery if you are giving to induce a… Seek More

Spiritual Attainment


Reciprocation is the balance of giving and receiving. Ecosystems function on a web of giving and receiving, growth and predation, generation and consumption, but we think we are different don’t we? We think that we can function as independent systems.… Seek More

Beginning Dynamic


What does it mean to be a guardian of an innocent? A guide to a newly born mind? In this day and age it seems many people just follow the “expected” life.  Get a job, get married, have kids, and… Seek More

Force of Love


The subject is love, and I will be attempting to discuss love in a broad sense. There is a principle in nature, and by nature I don’t mean the conventional sense, but nature as the primal essence from which evident… Seek More