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Creative Viewing by Nikhil Manna

Guest Blog

I was reading Travis’ article on psychic viewing, and it struck me as accurate. There comes a point though when language fails in its tasks to translate thoughts.  Not that I am suggesting developing telepathic skills, but simply stating the… Seek More

Charms To Attract


Most natural magic uses one of two ideas. It’s pretty simple as a whole, but it is sort of like a magnet. They use amulets and such to repel undesired things, like disease or bad fortune, and there is a… Seek More

Our Minds


I am dealing specifically with the mind, and not specific spiritual values. We can’t make technologies and leave our minds unaltered, but we have ignored or even countered the natural patterns of the mind. We make machines that generate levels… Seek More

Druid View


Druidism both is, and isn’t, a religion. It originated in a culture that didn’t originally have the Roman Catholic view of religion. It‘s perhaps more accurate to say it’s a wisdom tradition, sort of like a western Taoism. Shamanistic? Yes,… Seek More

Spirit of Giving


We complain about the modern Christmas being commercialized, but our ancestors did a lot of fortune seeking at that time of year even before the age of super malls and trendy stores. There was also a running debate regarding praying to… Seek More

Gypsy Magick


Tonight’s topic is Gypsy Magick. It’s kind of a hard topic to talk about as they do not have a single tradition. They are not a single tribe for one, and they do not all engage in entertainment for a… Seek More

What Do You Celebrate?


My wife celebrates by building. She is like a kid with legos. Whatever happens, she is going to make something out of it, and she often does. Then she laughs at it, and goes on to make something else. What… Seek More

Native Environment


Recent scientific research has established two important things that mystical/spiritual types already knew. The energy field around your brain is a functional part of your brain. They are even now working on ways to use that. I guess it would… Seek More

5 Horoscope Apps For Your Smartphone by Nick

Guest Blog

Since the invention of high-technology smartphones like the iPhone and Android phones, many applications have taken the world by storm! For example, no longer will you need to carry a compass when traveling because you can just install a compass… Seek More

Pacts With The Devil


Now onto “pacts with the devil”. A pact is an agreement or consensus, and you have a consensus with at least one jinn. Sort of a blood pact even to the point of your health being involved. This is why… Seek More