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Force of Will


Are we never to force our will on life? People think that without force, without “taking initiative”, we would never express ourselves at all. Never do or create anything. We are told any creation is an act of will. Everything… Seek More

Interpretation of Spirits


When you sleep some people think of it as a low energy state, but in fact it’s a high energy state. And the body behaves as it does because it doesn’t exactly have a tolerance for such intense energy. As… Seek More



Lately I am dealing with a severe case of ennui. Existential boredom. How can that be? So much knowledge to learn? The disciplines of the mind reduce to exercising human perception. This is starkly limited and easily exhausted. From basic… Seek More

Finding your Path


How do I find my path? This is a question most people ask. In Taoism, they say if in anything you encounter resistance, it is not it, but yourself. You encounter resistance because you haven’t found the way of your… Seek More

Best and Worst Projection


What are the worst projections people do? Fear is very virulent, and it isn’t instinctive. We warp our own natures for the sake of fear. Fear of rejection, it creates rejection. Fear of failure, it creates failure. Fear is an… Seek More

What is Mortification of the Flesh?


Mortification of the flesh means putting the flesh to death. It has been and is still practiced in all cultures in some way across the world, though the exact intention and result is often different. There is a lot of… Seek More

What Do You Hope?


Hope is the idea that you can go forward. It’s actually an instinct. They say animals don’t deal with things like hope, but observations show otherwise. Their motivations are in a sense more simple than our own, but that doesn’t necessarily… Seek More

Failure Demon


Failure is one of the biggest demons anyone faces, and poorly understood in part because people feel it has to be understood as they conceive of it. Natures wisdom gives us what are very natural negative feedback mechanisms, but in… Seek More

Frustration In Failure


The first emotion of failure is frustration. People mistake frustration, and take feeling frustrated personally. Frustration is at first a feeling, both natural and valid. It comes about when we are thwarted from achieving something we were highly motivated to… Seek More

Aggressions Purpose


The next emotion of failure is aggression. Yet aggression is even more villainized in peoples minds than frustration is, and ignores huge parts of how the human mind works. It’s seen as more dramatic than frustration, but it is just… Seek More