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Sacred Places

When they are investigating possible hauntings one of the first things they look to, because it is established, is weird electrical fields, faulty wiring and such. They do have an impact on human consciousness, and in my own experience it… Seek More



When you look around, what do you really see? I’m sure you think you see trees and grass and buildings and stones, but in fact your own science says that you aren’t actually seeing that. You are seeing light. The… Seek More

Choice In Conflict


Let’s get a bit wild. Let’s say you have a haunting. How many of you follow this research? Ghost hunters anybody? I’m not a hunter, but I believe in them and I like shows about haunting though I sometimes question… Seek More

Energetic Signatures


I’m going to try to bring hauntings and related spirit world phenomena down to earth as much as possible. Hope I will succeed. First off, everyone know what the supposed cause of human thought or consciousness is? Scientifically, consciousness is… Seek More

Spirit Phenomenon


I’m thinking of an experience I had, and wondering if it was a haunting of some sort. I was doing a consult job and staying at a hotel. I brought a lot of work back to the hotel: calculator, medical… Seek More

Ghost Consciousness


Shall I go into what consciousness for a haunting ghost is like? They transition into a “sleep like” state as we do while alive, but all of their energy is now expressed in this artifact of their formally organic mind.… Seek More

High Intelligence Beings


I will go into a related phenomenon, non human haunting. First off, they aren’t haunting. There are states of being that parallel incarnation without assuming a material state, but I’m going into non-human haunting because the average person does relate… Seek More

No Punishment


I lost my father tragically, and his spirit was very intense and there in the house a long time. In the fullness of a life, the course of a life fully lived, the body fails not from a loss of… Seek More

Call For Communion


Does anyone know, what is invocation? A call. It is that, but there is more. Anyone ever hear the term conjuration? It was originally a term describing an oath and then became used to describe what would amount to a court… Seek More

The Continuum


In ascension, does the lives the soul experiences have more access to soul knowledge? Yes. An ascended individual takes on a responsibility to the community of the ascended. Our bodies’ makeover is for that purpose? Yes. This is why some… Seek More