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Direction and Individuality


People mistake consciousness for individuality. There is a transcendent and encompassing consciousness. Our ancestors knew of it. Spirits of place. There is also a natural drive to harmony, to supporting the group. Order and disorder balance where there is oneness… Seek More

Relationship with Religion


Can people have a healthy relationship with religion? Yes, they can. The word religion comes from the latin word “religio” meaning a body of practices. Religion is like meditation. It’s the social aspect of factionalism. It is false identification (to… Seek More

Love Beyond Limits


There is a love beyond human limits. It is the peace that allows balance in the planets eco-systems. It’s the rhythms that perpetuate life on this world despite some species being so determinedly self destructive. It is our nature which… Seek More

Addiction vs. Practice


Mortification of the flesh to what purpose, dis-identification? Yes, indeed.  When people still undertook it with the proper intent, but it has no merit if it’s merely a self destructive act. Are there not other ways less destructive to dis-identify?… Seek More

Choice Beyond Thinking


Choice seems so readily obvious. People claim to make choices, and then complain about the consequences of those choices. We make choices every day if only minor ones, but do people really choose? Do they take the action that choice… Seek More



I resist channeling. The ‘teachers’ seem to me much like humans, and at times I grow tired of the philosophy, duty, and platitudes. Many people say they are channeling, but they aren’t. Others don’t, but relate well to the teachers. I… Seek More

Source of Loneliness


Loneliness is interesting. People who are experiencing what they call loneliness say it’s because there are few or inadequate people in their circle of acquaintance/friendship/love, but how many people are out there that seem socially and emotionally very well connected,… Seek More

Reality Checking


How is not being lonely due to a correct identity superior to a conditioned sense of existing where one does not question and find they are alone? Is a suspicion of false identity necessarily present? Ok, let’s get reductionistic. The… Seek More

The Uncarved Block


Identity is innate, but it is not properly nurtured. The te as the Taoists say, the virtue of the uncarved block, is denied. Some children even before any conditioning are very physical and explorative, others are more observational and quiet.… Seek More

Roles Are Not Being


The human brain has a function. It’s always ongoing and subconscious, and it’s often called reality testing. It checks input in the moment against repetitive patterns of input.  Like scanning the environment while driving, if everything is going as you… Seek More