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The wise have one foot in insanity, and the sane have one foot in the grave.

Sense of Identity in Identity


The subject is identity. It’s a pretty intense issue. When asked about who they are people often just say “I’m me”, and this is true, but in all likelihood they carry around identifications with roles and feelings and circumstances even if they aren’t paying attention to them. So, how much of the identity issue is taken up with things that aren’t really the self?

Feels like all of it. The way we are taught it is all of it. All that we are allowed to have. We get a constant stream of messages about what we are to other people, or what our place is in the world even if people don’t literally say it. Is this not so?

I’ve heard the identity issue is tied to one belief that we can’t shake however much we seem to try … “I’m not good enough”? Yes. We learn that judgement very early as our parents feel it’s their duty to teach us our place in the world.

Or “I’m too good”. And yes, the reverse is just as much of a problem if it was how things started for you.

Now who, if anyone, has no negative feelings related to their sense of identity, or feels a sense of identity is a problem itself?

I think we all here have negative and positive perceptions about our own identity. I agree, but do you have no urge to reconcile your feelings with the perceptions?

Identity can relate to our visual identity, emotional identity, and intellectual identity, yes? It can indeed, and those are actually the best cornerstones for finding the true self.

Why do we identify? When it comes to the true identity, it’s not an action we do. It’s just readily apparent. I am me, but we distort it from there. We get caught up in our work, or our family lives, even our spiritual mission.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Nishkam Prem

    each and every person accepts different types of identity because it depends upon the persons individual liking and disliking which is impressed by personal level of fear and survival instinct. person will accepts the identity which he feels positive to strengthen his mental and physical survival in society that is a need of practical life. fear is more powerful factor then sex which decides almost everthing,even amount of sex enjoyment too. self is loosing it’s individual importance to know about if it is the same for all.

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