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My prize is in seeing.

Who Is Me? in Identity


What is this me?  There is a simple practice of inquiry that can lead to very deep insight. What is this me, and who is asking?

It’s me. Yes, but we often still get caught up in life, even if we understand this inquiry it just seems easier. We get distressed and just go on auto-pilot, because to stop seems like it would just be weird. It would be “not-me”. But if you can do it, how is it not you?

It’s disorienting if it’s not what we’ve done before. We have to be brave and motivated. So instead we decide that it’s better the devil we know. We don’t in that moment realize that we are choosing that old response. It’s perfectly fine to choose the old response. It’s possible that it’s a very good response, but we are labouring under the idea “I’m not good enough”, and therefore we are forever looking for that one special “right way”. Has anyone here found their right way?

Yep, it’s right there. Just keep walking. Exactly, it’s not the missing way that’s the problem. It’s that we forget where we are and who we are. There are too many things we are supposedly supposed to be, when in fact all you are is just the person who is right here, right now. The rest is much too much to keep track of, is it not? And how can we say we are not good enough? What can you do that doesn’t stem from you?

I still don’t know who I am, or if I’m just a transient delusion. I would say that you are the part of you that doesn’t know, but the statement that you don’t know is a distortion, because you are led to say that you don’t know who you are for a reason.

Will that part ever know? It already knows, and it shows you ever time you question.

I can be less than I want to be. Who is it that wants to be more?

Me. I want to be more than I’ve become. Ah, you want to be you, but you want to be you a different way than your way, and how can that work? Can it? Can any way other than your own lead you to being more yourself?

No, I want to be me, but I don’t try hard enough to realise myself. I just sit and listen to music. You try too hard, so you sit and listen to music. There is nothing to try. There is no trying in being. In being you will see clearly, because part of being is seeing. Yes, people have a visual identity, but usually it’s not really what they have seen that they identify with. It’s what they think they see. They didn’t really pay attention while they were looking.

So is identifying with what you see an automatic process? Yes, in a sense more of a habit, but it’s not really natural. We get all sorts of messages that we have to see certain things, and not see others. The mind is easy to convince, then of course the eyes just obey, but it is our mind and our eyes. Emotional identity works the same.

I can see growth. I am different today than yesterday? You are not, but your expression is. You are infinite so your growth is just a joyous expression of all that you are, or a distorted one, but that is up to you. You are the observer, and you are what you choose to see. You saw life on both days, and will see life tomorrow.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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