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Sadness isn’t itself a virtue. You know your heart best when it breaks, and you can come to see, that though you feel grief, your heart isn’t actually “broken”.

All You Need in Identity


Now here is a big revelation, and yet is perhaps the most simple truth I know. How many emotions do you have?

Probably an infinite number. Countless or one? I’m not sure I can feel more than one at any time. Is true, and well they say God is love right? They also say that God cannot be in the presence of sin.

Love. All you have is all you actually need. Love. Any emotion you call by another name is actually just love distorted through judgement. It’s life sustaining, and it’s not invalidating of anything. So when I asked you to consider who was having fear or who was having impatience, you likely felt an emotion, but it wasn’t fear really, or impatience. Was it?

Maybe a shade of it. The body/mind doesn’t know the difference between Real and Inner Movie? True, it doesn’t, but the awareness that can consider “who” outside of the mind, isn’t fooled by the mind.

Something in me just laughed for all it was worth. That’s a very good sign. It shows a deep understanding. You asked about how to get beyond that, and you have your answer I think. You really only have one you, and then a lot of other aspects that aren’t actually in charge.

How do you shift out of fear without shifting into judgment? Who is it that is afraid? The ego. Ok, and how do you know the ego is afraid? Because, if I were fully present I wouldn’t be afraid. By definition, if you can observe it, is it you? A part of me like my arm, but not the basic essential me, no. Everything is a part of you, even the other who is upsetting you. They are in your head touching your past, and yet they aren’t.

My mind is so expanded I might not be able to get back in the house. Excellent. It was maybe time to move anyway, no? This is perhaps why we live on a whole planet, and not just floating houses in space. I like elbow room myself. This is why I have my orientation on darkness. I mirror a lot. They call it a disability actually. What else is there? There is experience, and from experience right action. No judgement needed.

I understand fear is disconnection, but I still just go into judgment when it happens. Judgment that says, “This isn’t real you know. You shouldn’t be feeling this.” Which really doesn’t help. It’s conflict, but what else is there? Watch it and become the archaeologist studying it’s ever facet. When you study something you give yourself time to speak. Until then it’s all just thoughts. This is why I pick on people when they say “I think…”.

I don’t think. I know, and I play with thoughts, and sometimes get bored with thoughts, but it’s a big inner world. We can only see it if we will stop looking for rescue, salvation, absolution, solution, dissolution, oblivion, all the same thing. We are not the Borg though you have already been assimilated by you, and were never meant to be. You assimilated what was bigger than your minds capacity to assimilate. It produced a very bad copy seriously full of errors.

The mind is a sense organ like the eyes or ears. We have just been taught something very strange. We have an instinct to look for the source of a noise, or listen to a person standing in front of us. This gives us a fuller picture of reality, but all the noise in our heads… Well, somehow that is reality all by itself? It doesn’t need to be checked? What you think you saw is it what you really saw? What you think you heard, is it what you really heard? What you think you want. What is telling you you want that? Where is the evidence? Where is the agreement? Thinking can be brought into agreement just the same as the senses can.

What if the thinking is flawed? Then the process of the agreement check will reveal that, and it won’t do any harm.

You can move on to a new thought then. Yes. If you discover you are displeased with heavy metal, only then can you change it to classical.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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