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Mind and Hypnosis


Everyone is insane to some extent, and without an awareness of that “potential” insanity, then people do unconscious things. Entropy affects everything. Order can be destructive. Chaos can be constructive. Does our subconscious control our conscious? No. The subconscious and… Seek More

Rest and Recreation


The search for rest is what takes so many people into substance abuse. To take a break from their inner chaos. The process that leads to addiction is not “evil” in the person. We do even the harmful things because… Seek More

Hope Guides


Find what you want. Then acting on that, what would you do? Then do that. Do you wonder what else you should do? Wondering like that is doubt. Doubt is the opposite of hope. Hope guides, doubt bars the way.… Seek More

Manifestation and the Self


There is a lot of popularity to the concept of manifestation, but it is poorly understood. It is like telling people to think of pink bunnies though nothing motivates them to think of pink bunnies. Expressed in the way they… Seek More

Brain and Mind State


It has been established that the brain hormones respond to neural or sensory stimuli. They are not separate from mind state. It has also been proven that the brain cannot tell the difference between the real and the vividly imagined.… Seek More

Fabric of Reality


The negative impact of the human mind on the fabric of reality. Thought is viral. Human thought tends to be negative so it is self perpetuating. Someone gets a pessimistic attitude about their life or a business, and that has… Seek More

The Uncarved Block


Identity is innate, but it is not properly nurtured. The te as the Taoists say, the virtue of the uncarved block, is denied. Some children even before any conditioning are very physical and explorative, others are more observational and quiet.… Seek More

Notice That You Are


Interpersonal expectations, they seem almost a certain recipe for grief, no? I tend to live by trusting a dog to poo on the carpet. It isn’t about any personal assault. It is just how the dog is. Then it’s marvellous… Seek More

Divination Method


Does handwriting analysis fit as a divination method? It can. It is a form of geomancy like feng shui. The seemingly poor handwriting arose from energies that are playing out in that persons life, making them make loops bigger, or… Seek More

Synchronicity Brains


Synchronicity is in a way very simple. It’s an observation that events in consciousness and events in the material world tend to synchronize similar to the observer phenomenon in science. Essentially it’s the identity of the event with the thought… Seek More