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Our Elders


Are the trees happy? They aren’t always. As guardians of the zoasphere they at times cause an environmental shift. Our elders live among us, nod sympathetically at times and in despair at others. There is little joy anymore. Though as they… Seek More

Buddhism and Buddha


Buddhism isn’t what many perceive it to be. It is a very old “faith”, but doesn’t center on concepts of worship as most understand them today. It’s primarily concerned with a path of seeking and a body of practices with… Seek More

Basis of Cannibalism


The word ‘cannibalism’ itself was actually a Spanish ethnic reference to the caribe tribesman of what we all know as the Caribbean islands. In the case of the more common examples of traditional endocannibalism, and even in the case of… Seek More

Born of Hate

Inner Demons

Are you familiar with the term synchronicity? We protect our inner demons because they have meaning for us. This is why we created them, and they do indeed manifest both as a social shift due to scapegoating, and as weird synchronicities… Seek More

Dragon Knowledge

Dragon Lore

Are dragons an entity akin to angels in the metaphysical world or a species of angel? They are not angels, but not beneath angels. In the beliefs that deal with dragons, there was always a path to meeting with dragons,… Seek More

Understanding A Dynamic


The topic is productivity. We tend to be very concerned with productivity, don’t we? Even if you aren’t employed? It’s a convoluted idea, this productivity. Have any of you spent a day doing literally nothing ever? Everything gets done always,… Seek More



Let me start with a question. What is inheritance? That which is given to us. DNA? And knowledge, and worse of all history. Given that two species beget, their offspring has inherited from them a biological inheritance. Not too dissimilar… Seek More

First Beings


If you would, imagine a being that exists in a state of pure potential energy, non-local, not collapsed and mostly non-dissonant. Like a star? Yes. That would fit. What would we call this being? Ra. God. Omni present. Yes, among… Seek More

Our Inheritance


The first beings that would come together as a colony were the ancestors of plants. They had the wisdom of surviving by mutual cooperation. Before that, the DNA creatures were still too close to the first “chaos” to take and… Seek More

Our Ancestors


I will fast forward. In time, the plants would become mighty on the earth, wise in the ways of life and death and powerful in the gift of the stars energy. They were the first to harness the energy of… Seek More