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Sexuality and Spirituality


In spiritual pursuits there has always been an element of sexuality. But as far as the philosophies go, like many other things, there have been two paths. Seemingly opposed. One path of austerity and moralism. “Pure” pursuits of selflessness, etc.… Seek More

Sexual Values


The idea of the matriarchal society is strong in a lot of cultures. Matriarchy by spiritual and not military leadership and the two coexisting. In the Yezidi culture (the non Islamic Kurds), women are not made to wear veils by… Seek More

Parts of Yourself


To overcome, some require some rather dramatic stuff. Familiar at all with any of the mystery cults? They are called cults only because some insights could only be shared when the disciple was ready. Like the elusian mysteries, notice the… Seek More

Karma Yoga


Tantrism tends to be karma yoga. Liberation by exhausting the karmas, positive or negative. In the tantric view you willingly incure positive karma in sex. Delve into it. Lose yourself in it, and by doing so see it for what… Seek More

Basis of Cannibalism


The word ‘cannibalism’ itself was actually a Spanish ethnic reference to the caribe tribesman of what we all know as the Caribbean islands. In the case of the more common examples of traditional endocannibalism, and even in the case of… Seek More

Everything is Sex

This may sound absurd, but everything is sex. It’s been in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It’s in the Pantheons of the Gods. Life and death. Fire and earth. It is all sex. Sex is the cycle of creation… Seek More

Mind Sex

Eros Sculpture

It’s an established fact that the mind cannot tell the difference between something vividly imagined and a literal event. They have even discovered something that totally surprised them. They call it mind sex. It has been explored in psychology rather… Seek More

Eros is Your Spirit

Eros Sculpture

This sculpture exemplifies energy transference between a “Couple”. The consuming being mutual, each consuming the other. This transference is continual regardless if it is sexual or not (erotic). by Trinity Hunghi Eros is your spirit. Eros is forever your spirit.… Seek More

Identifying Possession


How to spot possession? It’s actually not that hard, and it’s also not that common. A deluded person will create a shallow schism. They will be projecting a role more than an actual different consciousness, and the mental processes thought… Seek More

Ritual Connection


Obstacles cease to be obstacles and become simply a part of the terrain as we become more aware. You won’t bemoan the wall when you see the door, and often times especially in the case of sculptors they say they… Seek More