Articles containing "Judgement"

Nature of Resistance


I find that just as in physics, resistance plays a big part in spirituality as well. What we resist isn’t removed by our resistance, and much of orthodox religious teaching seems to extol resistance, denial, asceticism. I suppose they can… Seek More

Instinct to Overcome


If you do a thing and you do it right the first time, what must you learn? Really nothing. That is not defining of the human condition, but we make it a part of it. Mostly, because as I have… Seek More

Mind and Ego


The language gets sketchy. Is mind thinking? Isn’t thinking just an action? Awareness goes beyond thinking. The mind as we know it comes after, not before. It’s automatic and it’s why people get so tripped up. They are told to… Seek More

Our Place in Existence


Gnosis has many sources. It is one of those phenomenon like the preponderance of certain symbols that co-arose cross culturally. Like the presence of dragons in every world mythology. The intuition that “god” is somehow indwelling the human soul has… Seek More

What is Zen?


It is a commonly mistaken notion that Buddhists see the Buddha as especially divine. There is a school or two that does, but in fact the majority of Buddhist sects are almost agnostic as it regards deities. Zen would be… Seek More

Names of Satan


How did Satan as a figure get into the Christian story? It stems from a schism in Semitic faiths, and the catholic or “universalist” agenda of early Christianity. This schism in Semitic faiths echoed even in Egyptian religion. This is… Seek More

Questioning Spiritual Paths


People doubt the overblown concepts, sensationalized belief systems, and I don’t think that’s bad. Spirituality should be just as subject to testing and evaluation as science and technology are. If there isn’t any readily available wisdom that you can apply… Seek More

First Karma


Where does the first karma come from to get the whole karmic ball rolling? The first karma comes from a state of existence that permeates all others. The ground of being. It serves as a sort of infrastructure for all… Seek More

Backdrop of Confucianism


There were two broad schools of thought in Chinese belief, naturalistic and legalistic. The Taoists were an example of the naturalistic school using nature and allegorical stories to focus on observations of the way the world works in general. Confucianism… Seek More

What is Alchemy?


Alchemy uses a series of beliefs that I myself practice. Both intuitive and literal observations of matter and the natural world, but it is more focused on artifice. It even had a doctrine that doesn’t really defy common sense; That… Seek More