Articles containing "Madness"

Relationship with Religion


Can people have a healthy relationship with religion? Yes, they can. The word religion comes from the latin word “religio” meaning a body of practices. Religion is like meditation. It’s the social aspect of factionalism. It is false identification (to… Seek More

Madness and Spirituality


Madness as it relates to spirituality. It is strange. They say the more you learn the less you know. The deeper the knowing goes the less you can say anything for certain and then when you are questioned people just… Seek More

Image of God


Why is science now a religion? And why is psychology the “rational” definition of soul? In many peoples minds, if I say “I believe I am the image of God”, people will call me crazy. But if I accept the… Seek More

Time and Tao


So eliminate the concept of future… or past? Even physics suggests that future and past are actually not evidenced in the nature of the systems we use the ideas to describe. In being timeless you are being what you are… Seek More

Avoid the Madness


Shoulda, woulda, coulda syndrome. Why does it exist? Should? Then why? Would have? Then why didn’t you? Could of? What does that mean? It’s madness. You can question everything. I strongly encourage it. The point where nothing seems to have… Seek More

Cooperating with our Strengths


We have to cooperate with others, but you aren’t cooperating if some principle mandates it. You co-operate when you are still being you, and working with the other who is who they are. Some say we have to compromise but… Seek More

Repetitive Life Patterns


For me, anything I get deeply enmeshed in seems to have a death clock start. There is a powerful creative initial surge, and then it winds down. I can feel the event playing out and losing any life. Sometimes this… Seek More

Truth in Virtual Reality


We live in one world. This world as we make it isn’t false. The flesh and blood world is out of flesh and blood, but we didn’t make those. We didn’t make the world. We didn’t even make our real… Seek More

Peace is Like Gravity


I have had trouble with peace in the world. My big problem was that my nature was rejected. I was told that I was weird, scary, strange, evil. We have to find peace in ourselves first, but I fought. I… Seek More

Just Walk


Regarding emotions and attaching them to others, it seems in defining ourselves we will over exaggerate to the point of absurdity to see parts of ourselves that we have yet defined. For example, if you said to me that Jeff… Seek More