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Norse Beliefs


The Norse saw there was not one world, but nine. Perhaps corresponding to the chakras of eastern mysticism, and these nine worlds rested on Yggdrasil the world tree not unlike the Jewish tree of life. Modern physics also have a… Seek More

Working with Chakras: Part IV


The ‘Working with Chakras’ series of posts is an interview of a conversation on the chakras. What they are, and how you can work with them. We hope you find it of value in furthering your understanding of energy and… Seek More

Is Satan Evil?


Satanism is a descriptor some people have applied to other beliefs versus a belief itself? It has evolved, and some have accepted the related ideas. Basic teachings of Satanism are: Ecstatic practices. Self acceptance. Embracing both the darkness and the… Seek More

Parts of Yourself


To overcome, some require some rather dramatic stuff. Familiar at all with any of the mystery cults? They are called cults only because some insights could only be shared when the disciple was ready. Like the elusian mysteries, notice the… Seek More

Buddhism and Buddha


Buddhism isn’t what many perceive it to be. It is a very old “faith”, but doesn’t center on concepts of worship as most understand them today. It’s primarily concerned with a path of seeking and a body of practices with… Seek More

Christianity and Other Faith


Christianity has been around 2009 years give or take 30. Has it advanced us spiritually? In a sense, yes. The dissonance caused has, and even the message at the heart of the doctrine which had a hand in inspiring Islam.… Seek More

Pain in Relationship


There can be pain in the change of ending one relationship, and starting another. Mourning loss is good, and allowing yourself to grow naturally into the new relationship is good also. Not immediately adopting a positive stance, because “you are… Seek More

Power of the Trickster


How do we use the power of the trickster? The power of the trickster is to some degree behind all occult practices. To do a great work you must be prepared to put aside your belief in “the truth.” To… Seek More

You Are Power


In Hawaiian culture, they acknowledge all forms of life as family, and they aren’t being abstract about it. So my power is the power of the piece of pizza I ate this morning, should I declare myself to be pizza?… Seek More

Druid Paths


Sort of like Indian mysticism, the Druid recognized that spirituality isn’t a single path. They acknowledged three. The Druid as we know the word, who was the keeper of observances and the village Sage. The Ovate who was more like… Seek More