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Alive and Active


Stoicism is a school of philosophy from ancient Greece, and it is not fully understood in modern thinking today.  In the age of the Greek philosophical schools, they weren’t just a belief system. They were a way of life, and philosophers… Seek More

Lost In The Real


The topic is the cosmic pneuma. Weird sounding topic I know, but I will explain. Life consists of two aspects. The phenomena, or that which is evident to the senses, and the pneuma, or that which lends character, substance, behaviour,… Seek More

World Of The Pneuma


I have always felt that God is an internal presence, so we are omniscient as far as God is. But then I ask myself, why can’t we all be Gods? Valid question, and one still unanswerable in that sense. Your… Seek More

Pneumatic Interface


Your pneuma merges with that of all other entities. It is omnipresent. Like the holy ghost of Christian philosophy? Somewhat. It has a great many parallels. This is why it is acceptable to explain it as universal chi. Like the… Seek More

Living Meaning


All energy falls into the baseline field. The zero-point energy field which is a constant non-degrading carrier wave. What my statement means is that there is no such thing as a “you” event. All events are universal events, or a… Seek More

Relationship to Pneuma


Our relationship to pneuma comes down to time. Time as an object doesn’t exist. Time is a dialogue and exchange. Like coming into the online world of Second Life, the server says things to your computer and your computer says… Seek More

Culture The Energy


There are consequences for the influence of our focus, and humans are not graceful viewers. They are not the only ones watching either. Our planet is a huge viewer (much like we come into Second Life with viewer software), and… Seek More

Processes in the Field


The topic names are a bit tricky because there aren’t a lot of words for these topics. We did a class on Pneuma earlier, but that is not the same as numina. Whereas pneuma is the field of awareness we… Seek More

First Matter


There is a lot of religious symbolism that came to be admixed with alchemical lore as was perhaps inevitable. Much of Christian Gnosticism is heavy with alchemical symbolism, and with that connection, we move on to the philosopher’s stone itself.… Seek More



Shall we move beyond the fifth? In the dimension sixth sphere, you have what we would perceive to be raw sentience having none of the distinctions we use to make intelligible sense of our world. Pure principle, pure expression. Where… Seek More