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Physical Spirituality


Some think that spirituality and materialism are exclusive of each other, but if you embrace that you are spiritual then where does your existence arise from? What reason do we have to believe that the physical existence is somehow separate from… Seek More

Spiritual Q&A


Here are a few questions that I have received in some of my talks. Maybe you’ve wondered as well.  If our ancestors and family who have passed over are supposed to be watching over us, what exactly are they doing? … Seek More

Intuition and Logic


It would likely be very helpful for westerners to study Confucianism, but many western thinkers decry the eastern fusion of intuition and logic. To the western mind, logic is good, but intuition is bad. To my observation, logic being given primacy… Seek More

Why do we Strive?


Some say the physical is dual, so we have to rise above the duality and become more spiritual. So the physical is profane? I find that people tend to trip over the idea of transcending the physical. It is confusing and… Seek More

Tantra Personal Practice


We were warned off of Tantra from someone, and about practising and discovering it for ourselves. That it was dangerous. Well actually any religion is, but fear is a cult dogma and there are those who take the sacred and… Seek More

Animal’s Power

Cat Totem

We can all learn from animal’s power and to be more like the traits in the animals as they are in their pure form. It brings out good things in us as we have similar power in ourselves. Thus we… Seek More

An Angry Jesus


Christ’s noble truths he widdled down to one, and the Christ Consciousness movement emphasizes this. God is love and though art God. The term love didn’t have such a narrow view, it meant for all intents and purposes peace. That… Seek More



Wisdom is beyond men. Wisdom is beyond women. In a sense, it’s beyond the world. We are in it. Wisdom can exclude nothing, because it’s all here. If one gets wisdom they can ignore nothing. You can get knowledge and… Seek More

Gnani Path


I do get very emotional about knowledge, does Gnani preclude bliss? No, in fact it acknowledges that some people most naturally arrive at bliss by intellectual contemplations. That they are moved to awe by inspiring ideas, and religious observance may… Seek More

Sun Gods


Sun worship is much more broad than people tend to be aware of. With the rise of the Holy Roman Empire they didn’t concede to allow all their traditions to be set aside in favour of purist views, and thus… Seek More