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Principle of Affinity


There is a principle of affinity. To see another level you do have to achieve a resonance with it. There does seem to be a bit of glorification of this and I think the reason would be that some levels… Seek More

Death and Living


Even death as most define it doesn’t really exist. As science says, energy cannot be either created or destroyed and it’s not. It can only change state. It does. When we die we don’t somehow get catapulted to some other… Seek More

Interpretation of Spirits


When you sleep some people think of it as a low energy state, but in fact it’s a high energy state. And the body behaves as it does because it doesn’t exactly have a tolerance for such intense energy. As… Seek More

Does Matter Matter?


What matters is what you did and what you learned, not what you had. Now what you have can influence what you are able to do, so that seems a good guideline for getting. So matter matters to the degree… Seek More

Impact of Projection


Projection and how it impacts our lives. It isn’t as simple as pop psychology would have people see it, and it gets flung around too casually. It winds up being like the pot calling the kettle black, and few heed… Seek More

How do you Project?


Projection is quite natural, and by projection I mean projection of your state of mind. Ever notice when you are actively engaging someone in conversation you tend to imitate their body language without thinking about it? In the case of… Seek More

Interactive Projection


We all project energy, and we interpret the energy coming to us to make sense of it like a bats sonar. The other being does the same. For me the process of projection is primary data not secondary, like senses are… Seek More

Best and Worst Projection


What are the worst projections people do? Fear is very virulent, and it isn’t instinctive. We warp our own natures for the sake of fear. Fear of rejection, it creates rejection. Fear of failure, it creates failure. Fear is an… Seek More

Dream Projection


What do you see when you dream at night? Not the days events in a factual way, but your projections onto life. Dream is caused from intelligence not being able to sleep. Intelligence isn’t able to sleep because it doesn’t… Seek More

Projecting and Relationship


People project onto us and we assume roles. Young people tend to worry a lot about things they shouldn’t. Thus who has had a smooth third decade? Seems to me stories of that are rare to non existent. In their… Seek More