Truth is a reality checking process in the mind. It can operate in a healthy fashion, or get twisted, or can just be totally eschewed for a strictly relativistic artifice that excuses any stance as just what’s in fad of the mental moment.

Impact of Projection in Projection


Projection and how it impacts our lives. It isn’t as simple as pop psychology would have people see it, and it gets flung around too casually. It winds up being like the pot calling the kettle black, and few heed the old aphorism; Remove the timber in your own eye before trying to remove the cinder from another’s.

There are two components for every situation, you have the event and your opinion of the event. We have what the world brings to us, and we have what we bring to the world. When a problem arises, the bigger part of that problem is not the event. If events were really that powerful we could never know rest or distraction. The bigger part of that problem is our part in it. Our views and reaction to it. When you encounter a problem person you aren’t encountering a human pain in the neck, you are mostly encountering you. Same as if you encounter someone you like, but in the case of the person you like you aren’t really paying attention.

Now people bash their heads against the world thinking this is how the world is and life isn’t fair. That is a delusion. Life in neither cruel nor just. It‘s more elemental. It just is what it is. Cruelty or justice are our projections onto life, though it can feel cruel and injust. You live in a field of you, you don’t live in a field of me.

When you hear someone say “I’m surrounded by idiots”, are they usually very smart themselves? If they were very smart wouldn’t they actually be focused on constructive thought rather than empty criticism? So when they say, “I’m surrounded by idiots“, they are only talking about themselves are they not? Some people are morons, and do not the morons focus on that? We all have breaks. We get tired and worn down, we aren’t always at our best, but those moments are fleeting for those who don’t cling to them. You can tell what anyone is projecting easily, thus we have the phrase “I’m all about …”. You can tell those who genuinely feel kinship with their fellow man.

Do I mean self justification? Well, that is an interesting concept. Self is justification, justification isn’t self. The process of justification done for its own sake is ego, but knowledge of self leads to right action. Thus self is justification, but justification isn’t self.

So in manifestation you don’t get it to work by any head tricks, and people do tend to give up on it. You can’t trick your own mind. You aren’t more clever than you are. You ultimately don’t get what you want.  You get what you are. You get what you project for yourself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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