'Projection' Chapter


What’s my secret? Engaging life. I don’t like to live bits and pieces of my life, thus my filters or projections are very broad and I tend to pick up a lot. There are two components for every situation, you have the event and your opinion of the event and projection is quite natural. Projection is projection of your state of mind. We all project energy and we interpret the energy coming to us. The key is knowing.

“The youth, intoxicated with his admiration of a hero, fails to see, that it is only a projection of his own soul, which he admires” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Everyone wants happiness; nobody wants to suffer. Many problems around us are a mental projection of certain negative or unpleasant things. If we analyze our own mental attitude, we may find it quite unbearable. Therefore, a well-balanced mind is very useful and we should try and have a stable mental state.” Dalai Lama

Impact of Projection

Projection and how it impacts our lives. It isn’t as simple as pop psychology would have people see it, and it gets flung around too casually. It winds up being like the pot calling the kettle black, and few heed… Seek More

How do you Project?

Projection is quite natural, and by projection I mean projection of your state of mind. Ever notice when you are actively engaging someone in conversation you tend to imitate their body language without thinking about it? In the case of… Seek More

Interactive Projection

We all project energy, and we interpret the energy coming to us to make sense of it like a bats sonar. The other being does the same. For me the process of projection is primary data not secondary, like senses are… Seek More

Best and Worst Projection

What are the worst projections people do? Fear is very virulent, and it isn’t instinctive. We warp our own natures for the sake of fear. Fear of rejection, it creates rejection. Fear of failure, it creates failure. Fear is an… Seek More

Dream Projection

What do you see when you dream at night? Not the days events in a factual way, but your projections onto life. Dream is caused from intelligence not being able to sleep. Intelligence isn’t able to sleep because it doesn’t… Seek More

Projecting and Relationship

People project onto us and we assume roles. Young people tend to worry a lot about things they shouldn’t. Thus who has had a smooth third decade? Seems to me stories of that are rare to non existent. In their… Seek More

Honest Leaders

The best leaders don’t want the leadership positions we have projected onto them and with good reason. They resist the predetermined role. They realize that doing that for the people will help little or not at all. We project onto… Seek More

If I Were Wealthy

I have to live with myself. They call me autistic, and it is why I act so strange and why I feel like I’m crazy. I did for the longest time. Fought it. It isn’t fun, but one set of… Seek More

You Have No Reason?

Your actions are based on your thoughts and feelings. I always thought it was strange to say, “You have no reason …” It is a very strange statement. You may have no reason from their point of view, but you… Seek More