Heat. Calories are a measure of heat energy. Entropy is also referred to as heat death. From death renewed life, and from life’s process slow death. Where really is the separation?

Honest Leaders in Projection


The best leaders don’t want the leadership positions we have projected onto them and with good reason. They resist the predetermined role. They realize that doing that for the people will help little or not at all. We project onto them a role that requires them to ‘spin’ even though we say we don’t like it. We don’t allow our leaders integrity. It is a weak system and it is a matter of numbers. It doesn’t matter how strong the leader if no one will follow, or how honest if no one will listen. That is not strength, it is expedience and they fit the role.

Honest can be real. One can be honestly wrong. It is the willingness to take a stand that is honesty, and it is easy to not engage anything. This takes no strength. In fact sincerity and truth as people define it aren’t sincerity and truth. I have once stood before a person and straight out told them I lied to them. When I told the person I lied to them they ignored me. They are happy to believe the lie, and better the devil you know they say. They refused to accept that I had lied. I told them what they could believe. When I finally came out with the truth, they rejected it as a lie. Also people love to be morally superior, and it’s they who lie to themselves most often.

Some people choose to remain silent, but in the long run when it did occur to you to remain silent and you did, did anything actually profit? Of course, the consequences are less your own if you choose to abstain from proceedings. Where is the saving grace there? I don’t follow the way of the magus there; to know, to will, to dare and to keep silent.

It is interesting when you study the arcane power of the word you wind up using words differently. It doesn’t seem to change what you say, but it changes what you do. The glitch that people entertain is that they can be uninvolved.  In the beginning there was the word. You don’t have to utter the word. It’s still there. It still has weight and impact. People will ask how dare you, and you should not answer. Your actions are your answer, thus keep silent as they won’t see from your words. Cast not pearls before swine. Those who would understand your words need not see an act of power.

People enrage me daily, I have come to know my rage. Power, weight, impact, karma.  There is never a day without these things. You can act in that context if you know and would will it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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